Who will Lisa Haydon kiss, kill and marry?

The model who’s done a hot item number in Rascals was bullied big time at the music launch of the movie

The sexy babe is fairly new to all the brouhaha created by the media in a typical movie related event.  Staring at the spectacle with a clueless expression, Lisa tries to make sense of the unnecessary noise made by the paparazzi. Taking advantage of her ignorance, the emcee of the event made it a point to have some fun and frolic at her expense. She gave Lisa three options and asked her, who would she Kiss, Kill and marry. The options being KRK, Khali and Suresh Kalmadi, Lisa again flashed her famous ‘zombie look’ and begged her to stop the nonsense. As the model failed to recognise any of the people who featured in the options list, the names were replaced with Ajay, Sanju baba and David Dhawan. This being a tricky one, Lisa reacted to this by saying, “I will kiss and marry David and I don’t think I would want to kill anyone.”Well, we think Lisa should really learn some witty repartees. She can always turn back to the real rascals- Ajay and Sanju for tips to deal with such situations.