Who will ‘showcase’ Sunny Leone better – Pooja Bhatt or Ekta Kapoor?

Sunny Leone, the pornstar-turned- Bollywood babe, has shed a few kilos to look drop-dead-gorgeous for her upcoming films. Though Sunny is making her Bollywood debut in Pooja Bhatt’s Jism 2, she will also be seen in Ekta Kapoor’s Ragini MMS 2. Given the bold nature of these two films, one can expect ample skin show from the adult film star. Who then will capture Sunny in her element in the best possible way? Will Ekta Kapoor live up to the hype of Jism 2 even though she’s got the sexy siren in her kitty?

Ekta Kapoor has a reason to worry. On the one hand she has managed to grab guaranteed eyeballs by signing up Sunny Leone for the sequel to Ragini MMS, while on the other hand there is a possibility that Sunny’s debut film Jism 2, directed by Pooja Bhatt, will showcase ‘everything’ that people expect from the bold seductress.

Looking like a million bucks after losing a few kilos, the 31-year-old adult film star has also done a steamy bedroom scene for Jism 2. Pooja Bhatt is happy with Sunny’s performance so far and the director of Jism 2 believes that the Canadian import will do justice to her role. Currently shooting in Thailand for the much touted film, Sunny has also agreed to do Ekta Kapoor’s sequel of 2011 horror flick, Ragini MMS. So why does Ekta need to worry?

We know that sex, seduction and passionate dramas are forte of the Bhatt camp. One look at Jism 2’s poster and you know what to expect from the movie. Pooja Bhatt will try to push the envelope and will try to project Sunny in the best way possible in her film. Ragini MMS, on the other hand, is an equally bold film that might not have the best of Sunny Leone left after Jism 2, if Pooja Bhatt chooses to show ‘it’ all! Sunny in that case might turn out to be a bane rather than a boon for the Ekta Kapoor production.