Whose blood has hit Deepika Padukone’s mouth?

As the leggy beauty takes the colour off Ranveer Singh’s lips, she winks at the dude . Why is then Dips complaining that she has been hit by the blood?

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh make for a passionate couple in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s forthcoming costume drama Ram-Leela. In the Lahu muh lag gaya song from the movie we see the couple getting romantic and naughty. But when we converted the seductive lyrics of this song the meaning got lost in translation. Take a look..

Heji re

Ude ude mann ude

Par lage tere sang jude

Mann ude pag bade

Teri ore bade…

Jag chod bade…


Hey you,

Fly fly the mind fly

But seems with you it sticks

Mind flies leg joints

In your way grow


Lahu muh lag gaya

Lahu muh lag gaya


Blood mouth hits

Blood mouth hits


Soya tha nas nas mein

Ab ye jag gaya



Sleeping it was in vein vein

Now it is woken


Labon ke choone se

Khawaabon ke kone se

Bachke sabse lab se

Lab ye rag se rag gaya


Lips on touching

Dreams of the corners from

Saved from everyone’s lips

Lips these vein of vein hits