Whose is the belly in Delhi?

Kunal Roy Kapoor gained a lot of weight for his role in the film, but is fast losing it all, he says

The three young men in the buzzy new film Delhi Belly are a laugh riot when they get together. After a hearty sing-song of the controversial song Bhaag DK Bose, they took digs at each other and their food habits when they were seen at the same table on a food show on television recently. “The belly in Delhi Belly is his,” Imran Khan pointed to Kunal Roy Kapoor’s still-rounded tummy. Kunal gained a lot of weight “only for the film” and was now trying to bring it down from 120 kg to his more normal 80-90 kg, he insisted. The weight he put on could have been because of the food he ate in Delhi during the shoot, since the boys pigged out on chaat and golgappas and tandoori and stuffed parathas and more. And, speaking of weight, Vir Das chimed in, he tends to put on when he is on tour with his comedy show, since he is “the king of room service”, demanding fully-loaded Belgian waffles late at night and fish and chips as soon as he wakes up. Imran, with his slim build and high energy, managed to get through the shoot without much change in his figure, but wethinks that could be because he doesn’t get ghar ka khana made by the loving wife, the lady who is not sure when water boils!