Why are Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor missing from the new ‘RA.One’ poster?

Tue, October 18, 2011 5:12pm IST by
Why are Arjun Rampal and Kareena Kapoor missing from the new ‘RA.One’ poster?

Much to our surprise, the new poster of Shahrukh Khan’s superhero film is only about him; the rest of the cast has gone amiss, despite the fact that Rampal’s bad boy look was recently revealed

There is a lot riding on his latest home-production for the King Khan and it is not just about the gazillion crores that have been pumped into the superhero film. His goodwill in the industry, his ego and, most importantly, the love of his fans worldwide is at stake. That’s the reason we were surprised to see that none of his co-stars in RA.One were featured in the latest poster. It made us wonder if SRK was miffed with Kareena Kapoor for not promoting the film enough, thanks to her personal commitments. Arjun Rampal’s look in the film has also been made public recently, but he doesn’t feature in the poster either. Does Shahrukh want to keep all the limelight to himself, or is there some other logic to this? The film’s release is just two weeks away and ideally both Arjun and Kareena should have been by his side, adding more star value to the promotions, but here he is, going around the world, shouting from rooftops asking people to watch his film, all by himself. SRK also mentioned at a recent promotional event that his co-stars are busier than him and his only engagement at the moment is RA.One. We guess he was taking a dig at Chammak challo Bebo, who is in London dealing with her wax statue at Madame Tussauds, which will be unveiled on October 27, just a day after the release of RA.One. The superhero life is tough…

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  • mohan

    SRK has every right over what he wants to do. Kareena has worked in this movie halfheartedly. She should have ideally been there for the promotional activities of the movie. I want to see how she promotes her future movies with Aamir Khan and her boyfriend Saif Ali Khan.

    She has completely let down SRK. I really feel very sorry for apna SRK. Has been single handedly doing everything possible from his side. I am really concerned about his health. I pray to god to take half of my life everyday and give it to Shahrukh for his sheer commitment and energy. Love him to death and will always keep loving him.

    • Naina

      Are you crazy?

      Kareena has been shooting THREE movies back to back. You know how busy she is? Shahrukh can handle the promotions himself.
      Also, there was the death of Saif’s father. Shahrukh let Kareena have time off to grieve. He said she did not need to be present, due to her future father-in-law’s demise.

      Check your facts before making idiotic comments.

  • joana

    article seems pretty stupid. its a superhero movie after all. most of the posters of superhero movies either feature superhero or supervillain only. G-one is pretty new and srk is just trying to make it more familiar to the world. do some research dude before writing bad against him. he has dared to do something new and take bollywood to a whole new level. you should infact support him.

    • Chiranjeeb

      @Joana.. You are absolutely Right.