Why are Emraan Hashmi & Bipasha Basu plotting against Esha Gupta?

The second poster of Vikram Bhatt’s thriller Raaz 3 looks spooky and risqué

Raaz 3 is Bipasha Basu’s comeback into the Bhatt camp. Though she was launched by the Bhatts in Jism, Bipasha hasn’t worked with her mentors for a long time. After a string of duds like Players and Jodi Breakers, it seems that she is now craving for a hit film. If the poster of Raaz 3 is anything to go by, Bips has a potential hit on her hands. This time she has Emraan Hashmi and Esha Gupta for company.

We have heard that Vikram Bhatt’s new thriller is about a film director (Emraan) and his muses-leading ladies (Bips and Esha). The Bong babe plays a superstar who is ditched by the serial kisser for the latest find in the Bhatt camp. Raaz 3 is about how Bipasha’s character tries to get even by having Esha killed, to reclaim her place in the film industry.

Though the plot looks clichéd and done to death, it is the sizzling chemistry between Emraan, Bips and Esha that we are looking forward to watching. Watch this space for the trailer of this Bhatt production.

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