Why are Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan living separately?

Why are Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan living separately?

The couple has been apparently living separately for over two months now

The media circuit has been abuzz with rumours about serious problems in the Hrithik Roshan-Sussanne Roshan marriage. We had even heard that the couple was heading for a divorce and all the paperwork for the split was being processed. However, both Hrithik and Sussanne came out in open denying these rumours said that all is totally well between the two. But looking at recent incidents, it seems like all is certainly not well between the couple. Why do we say so, you ask? Well, the story goes something like this…

In a recent interview, Sussanne spoke about her husband in glowing terms and said he would be present at the launch of her luxury concept boutique. The date of launch was announced as December 11, but there has been a change in plans. Why? That’s because Jr Roshan has apparently said that he is not available on the date. This comes as a surprise to us because no husband even after having a choc-a-bloc schedule, would refute to be together with his wife on her special day. Considering, Hrithik’s refusal, Sussanne and her girlfriends (Maheep Kapoor and Seema Khan) suggested postponing the launch but he told them to go ahead as he could not promise them his attendance.

According to the reports, Hrithik took off for a holiday to the UK on Saturday leaving them hanging. Now when the supposed Roshan bahu is organising an event, there has to be some star power to up the ante of the event. Since Hrithik refuted to grace his presence on the event, we have learnt that Seema has asked her brother-in-law Salman Khan to do the honours. This development is interesting considering Hrithik and Salman’s history, hai na?

A source was quoted by DNA who said, “There have been reports of Hrithik going abroad for brain surgery as the first one failed to help him. But his father Rakesh Roshan maintains that he is with (unnamed) friends. He will return only on December 16, thus conveniently avoiding Sussanne’s launch. With mounting pressure from the investors, Seema requested Salman and though he has agreed to come, he is working it out as he is shooting on the outskirts of the city for Kick.”

The story doesn’t end here. Here is something which might shock you. Apparently, Hrithik and Sussane have been living separately since two months now.

So if you come across a tweet by Hrithik which says that everything is fine and all is well, don’t believe it, because all is definitely not well between the Roshan jodi.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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  • Teresa Daniel

    very sad to hear the break up of a beautiful couple who I thought would be the ‘IT” couple.

  • Trompadourin Tamara

    My God, can this man – MAN —- terrific actor can not simply be times in REST. Bad Genung the He because He can not do in his home all the necessary investigations in peace Hrithik had to fly in USA now. And I think rightly, Here clearly someone has violated its confidentiality and belongs Showing
    Respect for the power that He has done despite PAIN

    He is, after a short stay in London on flight United States and landed in USA – LA, again for all the work you Reporters geleistet.Macht here actually what?

    And correcting Suzanne has refused displacement of the appointment.

    mein Gott, kann man diesen Mann– MENSCH—- grandiosen Schauspieler nicht einfach mal in RUHE lassen. Schlimm genung das Er weil Er in Frieden nicht in seiner Heimat alle nötigen Untersuchungen machen kann mußte Hrithik in USA extra fliegen. Und ich finde mit Recht, Hier hat eindeutig jemand seine Schweigepflicht verletzt und gehört Angezeigt

    Hochachtung für die Leistung die Er trotz SCHMERZEN geleistet hat

    Er ist nach kurzem aufenthalt in London weiterflug USA und gelandet in USA – LA, schon wieder für euch Reporter die ganze Arbeit geleistet.Macht hier eigentlich was??

    Und zur Berichtigung Suzanne hat verschiebung des Termins abgelehnt.