Why are Kajol and Gauri Shinde not teaming up for English Vinglish 2?

Why are Kajol and Gauri Shinde not teaming up for English Vinglish 2?

The sequel to the Sridevi starrer film has been in the scripting stage for a long time, but the casting is not going right. Read on to know why…

Gauri Shinde and R Balki, the husband wife duo, have been making films that have a craze among the heroines in Bollywood. Whether it was a Cheeni Kum with Tabu, Paa with Vidya Balan or English Vinglish with Sridevi, all these films had a strong female character. Now everyone was waiting with awaited breath for the announcement of their next film. While R Balki moved ahead with his Amitabh Bachchan-Dhanush-Akshara Haasan starrer film, Gauri is still undecided on her next project.

A little birdie informs us that there is a sequel to English Vinglish on the offering but Gauri is yet not sure about the script. Once the script gets finalised so she would start scouting whom to cast. An insider although informs a leading daily that Gauri had written the story keeping Kajol in mind, but now is refraining from admitting it. We wonder why…

Grapevine has it that the curly-haired director is not comfortable working with Kajol after she came toknow her personally. It seems that Kajol and Gauri, both are very strong-headed and temperamental, and the approach to work is different. Therefore there might be some friction between them and thus Gauri is not that keen to work with the My Name Is Khan star. Thus now Gauri is denying the fact about her thinking about Kajol while scripting for English Vinglish 2.

Although neither of them confirmed the news we can just wonder what must have had happened between the two that led to this fallout. Will things get sorted out between the two and will we be able to see another women driven film from Gauri having Kajol in the lead? Let us know your thoughts peeps.

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  • Rupi Rastogi

    I think she should team up with Sridevi again; but not do a sequel to EV. That was one of a kind.

  • Roach

    A sequel? What is it, an action thriller?