Why are Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol missing from all the award functions this year?

Why are Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor and Kajol missing from all the award functions this year?

Check out why some of the most popular celebs are choosing to give this year’s awards a miss!

Everyone remembers and swears how entertaining Shahid Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor were as hosts in one of the award shows last year. But this year, Shahid is nowhere to be seen. Similar is the case with Kareena Kapoor. Last year, the actor was seen gyrating to her popular item numbers. But this year, even as Halkat jawani and her song from Agent Vinod were hot chartbusters, Mrs Kapoor Khan is nowhere to be seen, even while hubby Saif Ali Khan was hosting the Filmfare Awards! Also Kajol, who is a perennial sight at all the award shows since her debut, is missing!

Now it’s not as if these three were at Aamir Khan’s house partying, for he is another actor who never attends the usual award shows! Well, for Shahid Kapoor, we can easily guess why he is conspicuous by his absence. It’s ‘coz the dude doesn’t have any song to dance to this year! With only Teri Meri Kahaani which was more than a damp squib, which other song could the poor actor dance to? Dabangg! And with Kareena, the poor babe was apparently expecting the world from Heroine! And since that fell flat, with other actors in far stronger roles in superior films being nominated, Kareena guessed it right that she doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell. (Thank Mr Bhandarkar for it!) As for Kajol, it’s not as if she wanted to avoid a red-carpet disaster! It was probably the whole Son of Sardaar-Jab Tak Hai Jaan controversy, and she didn’t want to be seen sulking as the major honours went to the JTHJ team! So Kajol instead chose to get busy with her husband Ajay Devgn in Jaipur where she attended a puja.

Now we just hope that these actors tighten their belts and choose roles more wisely, so their fans could actually get to see them in another setting, and they wouldn’t have to give silly reasons and sulk at homes while watching the awards on the telly like aam junta!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shahrukh

    they missing from the awards due to only shahrukh donkey.
    because shahrukh never bonded with many stars and he always slaps to many stars. he does not meaning of friendship
    and biggest selfish donkey of bollywood

    • Srk fan

      If srk is donkey u better watch monkeys in industry

  • rohila

    dnt call shahid poor u loser

  • kress

    Your article is rude and completely wrong. In Shahid’s case, he has already announced that he will not be attending any awards shows this year. Why? Because the star wants to focus on the back-to-back films he is doing. He is a professional, unlike gossipers. Shame on you for misreporting the facts.

  • pat

    well we can see how scripted the awards shows are. Although priyanka was good in Barfi, she had a supporting role & in fact Ileana’s role was meatier, and to top that she wasnt the best this year! She is taking half the awards. Vidya Balan still well deserved I would say though Kareena and Sridevi were equally good. And bollywoodlife.com , its not nice to keep pulling down kareena for every single thing.She may not have got awards this year but she’ll strike back u wait & watch…!

    • PRu

      Best comment and so true!

    • Sam

      WHAT? I found Priyanka and Ileana both had roles of equal length. And as for the “meatiness” of a role, Priyanka did have the meatier role…we don’t see autistic portrayals on cinema usually, na? Ileana’s role was more conventional, but she acted really well too. Anyways, I’m happy that the Barfi! team is winning many awards this season :)

  • Pru

    Puhlease!! PC looked more mental than autistic in Barfi!
    Copying SRK blindly does not make you win best actress. She was only in the movie for 30 mins. Illeana was so much better and I’m glad she got recognized. Her chemistry with Ranbir was mindblowing!