Why can’t Katrina Kaif look cheap doing bold dance moves?

Posted Mon, December 19, 2011 2:40pm IST

The gorgeous gal’s cholis get tighter, ghagras grow shorter and moves turn cruder with each item song she grooves to. Yes, Ms Kaif is getting courageously filmi and mass-appealing, but wethinks she can’t ever look cheap or make you cringe as you watch her jhatkas and matkas. Why? We try and find out….

Bollywood’s latest item song Chikni Chameli has proved that Katrina Kaif is the new item queen of B-town and will give dancing divas Malaika Arora Khan, Mallika Sherawat and Kareena Kapoor sleepless nights. But it has been a slow and steady growth to the reigning position of dancing queen. Yes, with every song Kat has become bolder and braver, with a whole new repertoire of coquettish moves. However, her angel eyes, sweet smile and innocent looks can never make you raise eyebrows at the bold, unabashed moves she has choreographed for her. Just like yesteryear dancing diva Helen who despite all the seduction and sensuousness in her cabaret songs was the most sophisticated dancer of her time, Katrina manages to neatly sidestep any hint of sleaze or vulgarity, even though there are hints of that creeping slowly in….

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  • Keller

    Lol what bs is this? She looks more vulgar then other item girls, as she cannot dance gracefully. bollywoodlife stay strong in being the most biased entertainment site on the web.

  • B.s

    I agree with Keller complete b.s she looks really vulgar. I suppose any other actress could pull it off but she really really can’t!!! She didn’t need to get all that plastic surgery done either.



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