Why couldn’t Ram Gopal Varma use lines from Satya like ‘If have to do then have to do’ in Satya 2?

After watching RGV’s new movie today we decided to revisit the fiery dialogues of his cult success and twist them, BollywoodLife ishtyle…

Ramgopal Verma’s Satya is a cult classic. The film exposed the underbelly of Mumbai and the infamous gang wars in an unapologetic manner. Sadly, the sequel to that movie, Satya 2 neither has the plot nor any explosive dialogue. So we decided to go back to the original and convert the popular lines from the film into English. The result of our effort, as always, got a little lost in translation….


Poochne ke liye zinda rehna zaroori hota hai

To ask staying alive is a must


Apne dhande main woh jeettata hai jo pehle haath mart hai

Our business in he wins who hits the hand first


Mauka sabhiko milta hai

Opportunity everyone gets


Agar marna ho toh bolne ki kya zaroorat?

If kill why then talk is necessary?


Hume unke darr se faayda hain unke maut se nahi

We have profit from their fear not from their death


Karna hain toh karna hai

If have to do then have to do