Why couldn’t Tanuj Virwani and Neha Hinge get a lip-lock scene right?

The Luv U Soniyo actors ended up doing their intimate scene at least 36 times

We hear Tanuj Virwani and Neha Hinge – who are all set with their debut film Luv U Soniyo – had a tough time getting a lip lock scene right. The actors had to do it over and over again until director Joe Rajan was satisfied with the final output.

So this is what happened – Tanuj and Neha had to kiss under a blanket and there was a certain way the director wanted the blanket to fall. Since the timing of the blanket was not so spot on, the actors continued doing the scene till the piece of cloth didn’t hit the floor the way it was visualised by Joe. For a moment the unit members thought the scene is jinxed as the electricity would go off and there would be some or the other hindrance in between…but thanks to the actors and the unit members, because of their hard work, the shot turned exactly the way it was meant to be…