Why Deepika Padukone and Katrina Kaif can never be friends…

The Finding Fanny actor was recently declared as the sexiest woman

Deepika recently overthrew Katrina Kaif to become FHM’s Sexiest Woman Alive. But when people asked her to comment on the same, Deepika took a diplomatic stand and used so many flowery adjectives about her contemporary that the entire act was just impossible for us to digest. Here is why we think that despite the lavish praises, yeh dosti between Dippy and Kat is never gonna happen…

Deepika said,”I think she is absolutely stunning, she is extremely beautiful, and she is very very talented. She deserves to have won for all the times that she has. Like I said, one can’t take these things very seriously. I am sure this year if its me, next year it will be someone else.”

Initially we thought that Deepika is lying because you know unless you are KRK you can’t really openly bitch about anyone in the industry. But then we stumbled across this interview from earlier this year wherein Kat said that she shares no equation with Deepika. Ranveer Singh’s ladylove said, “I don’t have any equation with her. Everyone is here on the merits of their work and if someone has three hit films this year, someone else will have three hit films the next year and so it goes on. The focus will shift to that person accordingly.”

Moving on, enough can’t be said about how ex-girlfriends and current girlfriends can never be friends. Remember how Sonakshi Sinha and Priyanka Chopra after faking camaraderie at IIFA refused to cooperate during an ad shoot probably because of a certain Kapoor factor. And oh how can one forget about the ‘hilarious’ (as per Anushka Sharma) bubble bursting episode on Koffee with Karan when PC burst Deepika’s bubble about her ‘in-her-head’ friendship with the Bombay Velvet actor.

Katrina and Deepika proved the theory during IPL last year when they shared that rather short and cold hug. Notwithstanding the fact that Deepika’s face wasn’t visible in the pictures, Katrina’s eye-roll right after the hug ended rested our case. Even around the time she broke up with RK, she had made a statement that she caught him red handed. Fingers were pointed at Ranbir’s Jagga Jasoos co-star.

The ex-factor isn’t the only reason at play; Deepika and Katrina are competitors as well. Earlier Katrina was the reigning queen but Deepika caught up pretty quickly with Ram-Leela and is now all set to dethrone Katrina one more time. Katrina seems to be more aware of her competition than Deepika and doesn’t really bother to fake any warmth for other female actors.

Deepika really does seem to be living in a lala land where probably all her contemporaries braid each other’s hair and paint each other’s toenails because you know she is JUST SO FRIENDLY with her professional rivals!