Why Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra may turn foes?

Yogen Shah

We all know DP and Ms Chopra are good friends so much so that they appeared together on KJo’s chat show this year. But like most friendships in B-town, this one may as well go kaput. Read on to know why we say so…

Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra are contemporaries and yet they get along like a house on fire. In fact, the two are pretty close and that’s obvious from their camaraderie. However, filmi duniya is very competitive and that’s one reason why most friendships don’t last in Bollywood. And though for now Ms Padukone and Piggy Chops are besties, it won’t be long before they turn rivals. Why do we say so, you ask? Well, just recently both DP and PC attended the IIFA awards in Tampa Bay, Florida and it seemed as if the two were competing at the do. While Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey grooved with the Chennai Express starlet, John Travolta on the other hand shook a leg with the Exotic babe. And though the Pulp fiction star stated he would love to work with the Ram-Leela starlet, he also raved about PC’s single Exotic. Looks like both the beauties are at par, hai na? But media pressure and competition always gets the better of starry relationships, no? These two ladies are equally popular back home but last year truly belonged to Deepika with four back-to-back hits under her kitty. For that very reason, every filmmaker now wants to work with the dimpled beauty. From Karan Johar to Sanjay Leela Bhansali to Imtiaz Ali to Farah Khan, Dippy is working with most big shot directors as of now. This means professionally PeeCee’s good friend is way ahead in the race.

Not to forget, the onscreen Leela also shares great rapport with most leading men in the industry. Her dostana with Shahrukh Khan is known to all and these days we hear DP is even taking extra care of her Happy New Year co-star by making sure he eats his meals on time. Awww that’s sweet, hai na? We also know she will soon be working with Aamir Khan and even Salman Khan is eager to share screen space with the leggy lass. Remember his confession on Koffee with Karan? Even the Khans love this model-turned-actor who has come a long way in the B-town.

In such a scenario, we won’t be surprising be if Deepika-Priyanka turns foes from friends, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ABC

    You people write useless pieces of shits, “HAI NA”??? :/

    • drivemecrazy

      Hahahaha!! Lol!

      • Lollypop

        Double that. Lollll ! Someone is major pissed … @ hai na?? ( on a serious note : seriously ? SEriously. Hai na? At the of each sentence Hai na ?

    • guest

      HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH priceless! Don’t forget…”wethinks”

    • GUEST

      I think for the first time they wrote the truth .Anyways i don’t think priyanka can compete with deepika i mean katrina could be the best rival for deepika it would be like srk/ salman rivalry but with priyanka it is like srk/ akshay kumar rivalry

      • aisha

        Don’t you wish!

    • kkk

      Wow now you people r saying that these people r writing shits .If it was kareena or katrina instead of priyanka u people would praise ur despo deepika and write shit about kareena or katrina . You deepika and priyanka fans r pathetic just like ur favourite stars

  • yazz

    priyanka is more talented than deepika n she is the qween of bollywood awesome singer n superb dancer yet deepika is also a good actress but priyanka is the best n this year belong to priyanka more whether in acting or singing

  • najatlovekiss

    this doesn’t make sense

  • Timia

    i think it will more related to a certain young man, more than any of the above reasons -))

  • aisha

    Now wouldn’t you guys love that?, an alternative female version of the SRK/SALMAN WAR! then you’d have lot more to write, i think bebo and her fans will love that too cos then you could give her a break !
    but come to think it , it may turn out to be so considering that dude ranveer whose is supposedly Dp’s current flame is constantly checking out and lusting after PC. I know guys on bl love Dp, but i don’t blame her if she’s insecure of Pc most women are, she has quite an aura and confident dominating personality, hrithik once said about her in an interveiw, “she’s like a man, she works like a labourer ” he too felt a little insecure whilst they were shooting 4 krish as she kept doing acrobats whilst he was the hero. She has experience Dp on the other hand has age (she’s younger).
    AND yes!That part about her closeness to SRK was really unnecessary.

    • ABC

      See… Priyanka is Priyanka , she doesn’t need to be pitted against anyone and especially deepika. Priyanka has proved her acting prowess time and again and she is simply the best.

  • ali

    priyanka is more talented then any other actresses

  • Saira Ahmed

    You are an IDIOT!!! Why are you trying to make us think there is already some bad blood? IDIOT!!

  • Mohim Roy

    Media is the main culprit in turning friends into foes. Media should never make up stories without having any information of what is actually going on. This things really hamper friendships and relationships. Do think before speaking.

  • so

    Seriously guys clearly someone is trying so hard to start Shit. its sad that you would take time to speculate about their “feud”.I hate to break to you they are both talented, beautiful and too confident to worry about petty things.unlike “some people” they are not insecure

    • aisha

      My friend being “too confident” is synonymous with arrogance one can only be “confident”and “insecurity” is not always a bad thing it actually drives “some people ” and pushes them to work harder.

    • aliya

      both of them are gorgeous and out
      standing actresses at there own places. pc in fashion, dp in cocktail

  • rrrrrrrrrr

    Priyanka is 110000000000000 times better than cheapika

  • aliya

    oh plz pc and dp are really frndz not like other actresses who fake there friendship for publicity. even on twitter they wished each other best of luck for marry com and finding fanny

  • arohi

    get a life bollywoodlifers