Why did Aditya Chopra buy ladylove Rani Mukerji Rs 1.25-crore car?

Is it a sign presaging another big fat filmi wedding – apart from the Saif Ali Khan-Kareena Kapoor shaadi, of course? Or is it for something else!

It’s all nice and sweet that Rani Mukerji’s busy and rich beau Aditya Chopra has bought her a luxurious set of wheels – an Audi A8 W12 worth Rs 1.25 crore. Our winged spy told us, “Adi brought the car to Rani’s bungalow on Tuesday (July 24) evening and asked her to step inside the car just to go for a spin.” After the ride through the tiny bylanes of Juhu, the protective boyfriend dropped off his pretty girlfriend and her new car at her bungalow.

Don’t we all wish we had such generous men in our lives! But that’s not the point, is it? We hear that there are two theories floating around about the expensive gift. One – that the gesture is an engagement present, hinting at a wedding in the offing. Two – the version conjured by naughty and mean minds, is that the fancy car’s a farewell gift for Rani!

Farewell from the relationship, they mean! We are sure that’s not the case. But we do wish we knew what that case is!

But we’d like to tell the madly in love but oh-so-secretive couple that the coosome twosome should consider making the relationship public and official now. Or else be prepared for some naughty minds to let their imaginations run wild!