Why did Akshay Kumar get nostalgic?

The actor recently got nostalgic while shooting in Delhi’s neighborhood where he had grown up

Akshay Kumar was in Delhi recently shooting for his upcoming film Boss and reportedly he got very emotional on the sets as he was working very close to his childhood home.

A source from the production house reveals that, “A major part of the shooting of Boss has been done in Bangkok and Delhi, both being closely associated with Akshay’s life. He has grown up in Delhi, and learnt martial arts from Bangkok. Without a doubt, the movie has created a huge emotional connect with Akshay.”

According to the source, Akshay got very emotional on the sets. “We were shooting for a scene in Chandni Chowk which was hardly some 200 metres away from Akshay’s old house. That was the place where he grew up. In fact, the house is still there, with some of his relatives residing there. Akshay wanted a glimpse of his old house as he hadn’t visited the place for quite a few year. But it was impossible for him to reach his old house in Chandni Chowk in the day as he would get mobbed by the crowd. So one morning, at around 4, Akshay drove to the old house, stood there for 30 minutes and relived the old happy days.”