Why did Deepika Padukone get miffed with Shahrukh Khan?

According to the grapevine, King Khan’s constant remarks on Dippy’s personal life (read relationship with Ranveer Singh) has irked her no end

Shahrukh Khan is known to share a great camaraderie with all his co-stars, especially the female lot. See him chat with his female colleagues and the 47-year-old actor will always come across as a witty man who’s simply fabulous with his words. These days, SRK is seen playing, flirting and joking with his much younger Chennai Express co-star, Deepika Padukone. But little did he know that his jokes would leave Dippy fuming this time around.

Our khabroo says that during one of the shooting schedules of Rohit Shetty’s upcoming romcom, SRK jokingly asked Dippy who she is currently dating. With that, Shahrukh hinted at the growing proximity between Deepika and Ranveer Singh on the sets of Ramleela! At first, the leggy lass chose to take his comments lightly, but the Jab Tak Hai Jaan actor didn’t stop there, which really enraged her.

Deepika’s personal life has always been a topic of public discussion. And after her breakup with Ranbir Kapoor, the Race 2 actor has decided to keep her private life private. So, she’s decided not to utter a single word about Ranveer or any other male actor. Last heard the superstar apologised to Deepika for hurting her feelings. Really Shahrukh?

Well, this isn’t the first time he has landed in trouble for his witty ways. Remember, Katrina was annoyed with Khan during the promotions of Jab Tak Hai Jaan by calling her a ‘nasal drop’. Come on Shahrukh, now this isn’t something your female co-stars love you for, is it?