Why did Farah Khan refuse to kiss Boman Irani?

The director-turned-actor was quite uneasy while shooting an intimate scene with Boman. Does hubby Shirish Kunder have something to do with it?

Farah Khan, who has just turned actor for Bela Sehgal’s Shirin Farhad Ki Nikal Padi, had a tough time doing some intimate scenes with her co-star Boman Irani. The fiery director-choreographer, who plays a Parsi phataka in the film, turned her face away (literally!) while shooting the scene that required her to kiss Boman. Tch tch! But what made Farah develop cold feet at the last minute? We were sure it had something to do with hubby Shirish Kunder and we were right. “I told Boman that my husband wouldn’t like it, and he understood,” Farah explains. Being the gentleman that he is, Boman gracefully stepped back. But when asked what he thinks about doing kissing scenes, he was quite straightforward. “It’s a film and I am an actor. If there’s a reason for the kiss I will kiss. I am not some shy 16-year-old who will feel uncomfortable kissing”, Boman says. We totally agree Boman! But guess Farah is still coming to terms with the demands of being an actor. Boman though, as always, looks at the lighter side of the incident. “I think it is her (Farah’s) life’s dream (laughs) to see me strip and now she wants it to come true!” he says. Are you listening, Mr Kunder?