Why did Farah Khan reject Sonakshi Sinha and Parineeti Chopra?

Why did Farah Khan reject Sonakshi Sinha and Parineeti Chopra?

The choreographer-turned-director reveals that she wants a hot dancer as the leading lady in Happy New Year. But she doesn’t want either Sona or Pari for the role. So what exactly is FK trying to say?

Farah Khan is currently busy hunting for the perfect girl who can teach three left-footed males to dance in Happy New Year. And all sorts of names are aiming to make it to this list, we hear. But two gals that our darling birdies thought could make it to the cast were Sonakshi Sinha and Parineeti Chopra. Will they?

Farah, who appears shocked to hear these rumours, has denied it point blank and has even said, “I don’t think a newcomer will suit this role.” Why? Doesn’t she trust a newcomer to whip the males – Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham – into their dancing boots? Perhaps.

But let’s not forget that the no-newcomer rule isn’t the only criterion in FK’s head. “I need a very good actor who can who can dance very well and look hot at the same time,” she said. So aren’t Sonakshi and Parineeti hot enough for the director? Or maybe she is sceptical about their dancing capabilities. Possible, no? Now if not the newbies, then who could that elusive ‘she’ be – Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone or Katrina Kaif? Perhaps.

So tell us what your gut feeling says, readers: Who do you think will finally make it to the cast of Happy New Year?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Ajay

    Abviously our priyanka Hot+sexy+dance+Acting And perfect choice

  • elena123

    its absolutely katrina kaif i bet…

  • Sahir

    Kareena Kapoor or Priyanka Chopra

  • ravi

    Aishwary…Since is a good actress and a great dancer..

    Shahrukh and Aish pair would be as usual ROCKING!!!

  • Tabarak Hossain

    may be kareena will done better this movie. I think she will perfect.

  • sahar

    Only priyanka chopra, she is the only one actress who can act well amoung kareena, katrina and deepika, also she looks good.
    I am waiting to see king of bollywood SRK with queen of bollywood Priyanka. best of luck.

  • EM

    me too I prefer the desi girl PC :D

  • Pearl

    Deff kareena! Bebo is rocking! She looks hot, sexy, pretty and is a great actress! Moreover on the top of her career makes news even wen she “breaks a nail” :p shes actress no1! She should only be taken! Let’s not forget she is now most powerful actress with 2 most powerful surnames! Kareena KAPOOR KHAN

  • elle

    kareena for sure pc looks like a monkey these days she shouldnt be given any project with married heros haa

  • elle

    kareena is the best choice as she has a great sense of humor remember jab we met

  • Ziva

    Katrina is the best choice

  • candy soto

    KAREENA Kapoor she has amazing screen presence.
    People like to see her. She uses her eyes very well.
    She can dance too.

    Please get Kareena.

  • sssssss

    obviously deepika padukone the best

  • t

    dips will be the best choice

  • t

    i think dips will be the best choice she will be the perfect

  • emily

    dips dips and dips the perfect girl

  • rony

    my favourite heroine deepika should be chosen and i am sure about that

  • rony

    i want deepika padukone she will do well

  • Tenzing

    I luv Kareena I hope she chooses her. Kareena is the best dancer.

  • abubakar

    I think kareena kapoor will be the best in happy new year

  • Yusuf

    I hope she chooses Kareena Kapoor as she is the best.

  • caroline

    The incomparable miss Chopra!

  • akshay

    Asin and SRK will make a Hot and romantic pair…Though Farah Khan was already worked with her in Housefull2.

  • sanjay

    Ohh god…we got bored seeing kareena,pc,deepika and katrina and anushka.As some one said cast asin with sharukh.Fresh pair.

  • Shreya

    Only Priyanka Chopra can do this.. She can dance, act and shes sizzlinh hot…

  • Sam

    DIANA PENTY!! CAST HER!! Srk-Diana would be gr8!!

  • shaniya

    deepika will be the best jodi with SRK diana not at all

  • Kunal

    Deepika Padukone…..sud b choice…!!


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  • Wolfman

    katrina kaif looks hot in item n other hot songs …

  • Ayesha

    katrina kaif looks hot and also is a good dancer now… she looks awesome with king khan 2

  • Asish

    Priyanka would fit with SRK in Happy New Year…
    Shah Rukh Khan also wants that Priyanka should be the leading lady..
    So, why wait? Its gonna be SHAHRUKH & PRIYANKA..

  • Aadi

    This time in leading ladies there is only one name who can dance as well, there is only Priyanka & Katrina. Katrina is too much busy n she don’t have dates so Priyanka is better option. she is not too busy. so Cast Srk & Pigi

    • varun

      Are you kidding me!!? Seriously what do you know about it. I guess you only read gossip because Priyanka is 2013′s (gunday, zanzeer, krrish 3, marykom biopic, milan talkies) busiest heroine with 5 films in leading role and not to forget her boosting music career for which has also to go for promotions from India to LA. Despite that however she can still do happy new year because she is bollywood’s biggest multi-tasking and hard-working person! Get your facts right. And well Katrina has only two movies lined up for 2013 (dhoom 3, bang bang), with hardly important roles but well who said Katrina is a reliable actress (she might be a heroine). You can check wikipedia.