Why did Iqbal Khan quit Tumhari Pakhi?

The dishy actor has already been replaced in the Life OK show

We recently told you about Varun Badola replacing Iqbal Khan on Tumhari Pakhi. Well, Varun Badola has already shot for his first episode; while Iqbal has moved on to do other things.

Earlier, we were told that Tumhari Pakhi is a finite series and has a definite end. The show was initially supposed to draw curtains sometime in February-March. However, seems to us like the makers kept adding twists and turns to push the story ahead. While we were getting bored, seems like Iqbal also was sailing in the same boat as us.

In an interview with a popular website, Iqbal said that he quit the show ‘coz he did not like the way the story was progressing. His character was going to change in order to become completely negative. Iqbal is of the opinion that even if it’s a negative shade, he wants to do things that are challenging and something that people would like. Now we all know negative roles just don’t suit our dishy hero, right peeps.

We hope Iqbal comes back to TV soon; he wouldn’t want to keep his fans waiting, no?