Why did Kangna Ranaut make a short film?

Logically, ‘coz she wants to make mainstream movies and not just act in them. But the curly-haired babe has some really big and bright plans for Bollywood

Most leading ladies in her league (read: those who are offered big films opposite superstars) would concentrate on making hay when the sun shines on their time in the unpredictable industry, but not the curly-haired Kangna Ranaut. While she’s definitely making the most of her glory days in B-world, the Himachal Pradesh-born babe isn’t putting all her eggs in the same cane basket! Don’t get it? We mean that she isn’t focusing just on acting.

Since the time we can’t remember, Kangy has said she wants to work behind the camera, as a director. While she recently fulfilled her wish to make a film – albeit a short one – there seems to be more to her than we could have expected. In an interview the Krrish 3 superwoman said, “I think I am multifaceted. I think I will make a fabulous chef, a director, an actor and a make-up artist. There are so many things I want to do, including a course in prosthetic make-up.”

Kangy still has to complete her first short film, but insiders insist that the curly haired gal has started work on her big directorial debut in Bollywood. She’s finished writing one script and is working on another story. The Tanu Weds Manu actor didn’t confirm or deny the speculation. All she said was: “I might direct next year, but I will not act in it. But next year I have to complete six films. So it will be either between those films or after them.”

Really? Is that the only reason, or is it that lately she’s upset so many ‘good friends’ in B-town that Kangy’s gearing for a new career?