Why did Kapil Sharma not want Sunny Leone on Comedy Nights with Kapil?

Kapil Sharma doesn't want Sunny Leone on his show
Yogen Shah

The Canadian porn star has been in Bollywood for a year now. Though many B-town bigwigs have accepted Leone with open arms, standup comedian Kapil Sharma seems to have a problem with the babe

Superstar Shahrukh Khan doesn’t mind working with her, B-town hunk John Abraham has grooved with her but a certain Kapil Sharma isn’t willing to share the stage with former adult actor Sunny Leone. Yes, we have learnt that Kapil did not want the Jism 2 actor on his popular show Comedy Nights with Kapil coz of her not-so-glorious past. Now that’s sad, isn’t it? Kapil may have won millions of hearts with his comic antics but we aren’t certainly impressed with his narrow minded attitude. If Shahrukh Khan can pose with Leone and graciously attend the screening of her film Jackpot, why can’t a recently-rose-to-fame television comedian have her on his show? Not so long ago, When Sunny visited the Bigg Boss 7 house, Tanishaa Mukherji refused to shake hands with her probably for the same reason, we guess.

We are sure it would make no difference to Sunny Leone if she didn’t appear on Comedy Nights with Kapil coz her acting career is going steady and unlike Kapil, she doesn’t need B-town celebs to get herself noticed, hai na?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Sahil Arora

    abe oe bhenchod sale…bilkul sahi kiya kapil ne..kapil ka show bacha bacha dekhta hai..family show hai..usne apne show ko gnda nhi krna hai..shahrukh khan to vese hi lodu hai sale,uski baat mat kr..kapil is tym par humari nazaro me bhot ucha hai..n srk mitti hai uske samne…kapil rocks…kapil is best..my whole family loves u..

  • Guest

    Non sense! CNWK is a family show, and Sunny Leone is someone who does not have a “family friendly” image. With Sunny around, audience could go berserk and censoring their questions to her could go out of hand.
    Speculating Kapil’s intentions badly couldn’t be worse, Namrata!

  • RT

    With all due respect its a show which entire family watches together, its host who knows whats good for his show and whats not.
    This is not Bigg Boss who needs such publicity to attract audience
    Did someone stood up against Salman who didnt allow Hrithik to enter Bigg Boss just becoz he had a problem with Hrithik !

    • Salman Gurung

      What Bummer?? Jao pehle apne ap aur samaj ko sudharo aur phir Sunny aur uske kaam ke upar ungli uthana!! Grow up, don’t be bigots

  • jim

    what’s your problem? we don’t understand why Sunny Leone is given so much importance. it’s irritating!

  • Rahul

    wtf…would you pls care to think before writing….
    who u r defending idiot??
    dont u have any respect for the constituion of india?
    Its a crime! (wat she does back thr in Canada…)
    besides telling anyone wat to do and wat not, you should think on that matter first…
    Hai na??? (MF!)

  • akanksha jainth

    i dont think this is true kapil knows sunny ,as she made a guest appearance in jdj6 also and kapil was the host and he was very comfortable with her he is not narrow minded the only reason for kapil to refuse sunny to come on cnwk can be due to the audience questions which may go out of hand and its a family show

  • chillpill

    Good decision Kapil. You made the right choice. We would have cringed if audience had wanted something funny and moreover things may be in the past but she is not what we want to watch with family

  • desigirl424

    well done kapil!

  • Snehil Sharma

    Kapil not want “sunny” on the show because Audience may ask irrelevant questions to Sunny Leon on the show. That may turn the situation. Please Kapil’s didn’t want to buycott sunny leon or he doesn’t want to disrespect her at any cost.

  • Guest

    Looks like you are grown up by watching ponr with family. hai na?

  • UT

    Abey oo author, Kapil does not need bollywood celebs to get famous. The guy is talented. The nature of the show demands celebs to be present. He does not need a whore like Sunny Leone to make his show famous. I do not even know why you guys are in favour of Sunny Leone, she doesn’t even know how to act, her hindi is terrible. Well, what can i say, in this country, if stupid directors like Prabhu Deva, who himself doesn’t know hindi and makes hindi films can earn crores, any damn thing is possible.
    As for Kapil, it was a very good decision he made to keep hoes out of his show.

  • dinky

    kapil did the right thing…..even when Mika Singh came to his show, someone from the audience asked him about his infamous kissing incident with rakhi sawant, so one can well imagine the kind of questions that might be directed towards her. Bollywood may have accepted her, but that doesnot change the fact that she WAS a pornstar, and CNWK is a family show, the viewers would not have approved of it also. I support Kapil, its his show and its his choice…..he doesn’t need controversies to get himself noticed.

  • Filmy Rockstars

    Its funny how hypocrite people are in India, When the DPS School MMS came out, the poor girl had to leave India bcz of all bad mouthing by the society n suddenly when sunny leone came to bollywood everyone wants to accept her with open arms, people seemed to have turned a blind eye to the fact that she is a porn star!
    Ans as for Kapil I think he did whats best for the show.

  • guest2

    They shun her because they ‘say’ the profession she chose to support herself is not acceptable by indian society, but then SHE IS ONE OF THE MOST SEARCHED WOMEN IN INDIA THRU THE INTERNET.
    HYPOCRISY MUCH????!!!!!!!
    So its okay that thousands to millions of you searching her from your computer in private to get your kick, but in public you demean her. WTfff is wrong with this picture?
    Family show? the amount of sexual puns on that show or even the comedy show he was on earlier and that makes it a ‘family’ show. Get off your high horse buddy!!

    There is PLENTY of other nonsense that goes on in india that needs to be shunned, but obviously they will only turn a blind eye to all that.

  • Aditya Shekaran

    can any one tell me what babaji ka tulu means…………… well if anyone knows then kindly tell me what it is exactly doing in family / family friendly …….. well this is what we call hypocrisy………….

  • Ranjit Singh

    I appreciate the kapil.He is right for this matter.I feel that sunny is not good for our nation.But bollywood goes wrong who gave her chance in bollywood.

  • Partha Dutta

    Sunny Leone is not accepted by our families. So is with Kapil. All do not run after money and they have families to whom they are answerable. So she can’t be accepted. What do these people want? They want to turn the whole world into a sex industry? They may go to her but why they press all will accept her?

  • ashish

    Did sunny leone or ekta kapoor give u money to write this article? If u r so open minded,why dont u join porn industry alongwith wid u mom? It vil b fun, hai na? C’mon, dnt b so narrow minded.

  • Ritzzz

    Thats Good Of him…..

  • roshan verma

    Yeah and would u dare to watch that episode with our family? And what kind of questions to Miss Leone are u expecting ?

  • Neha Singh


  • Indians

    @Namarata: bitches like you and sunny should thrown out of India. Same should be done with that bastard Shahrukh Khan!!!!!!

  • Ice heart

    Namrata are you planning to replace her legacy of awesome work she is been doing in Canada since she is sooooooooooo busy with her faboulas mind blowing Bollywood career!!!!!
    What a trashy act of journalism, they suppose to write truth not their own sickening mindset to the public. Kapil did the right thing.