Why did Karan Johar not attend Shahrukh Khan’s New Year party in Dubai?

Why did Karan Johar not attend Shahrukh Khan’s New Year party in Dubai?

The two buddies were partying in Dubai, but in their respective corners. So what kept them from hugging each other when the clock struck 12?

Shahrukh Khan and Karan Johar were busy partying in the glittering town of Dubai on the night of December 31, 2012. We know, you know. And what we also know is the fact that KJo was in constant touch with SRK’s wife Gauri Khan till the time their respective parties began. But what we don’t know is the reason why Karan refused to party with his favourite Baadshah.

“I was in downtown Dubai while Shahrukh was in Palm Jumeirah. And anyone who knows Dubai well can vouch for the fact that it’s a nightmare to travel from downtown Dubai to Palm Jumeirah (on New Year’s Eve). The area is cordoned off for elaborate fireworks display,” said Karan. Ouch! So perhaps it was the lack of proper transport facilities that kept the two friends away, right? Not really.

Apparently, KJo’s New Year plans didn’t feature Shahrukh Khan at all. He was busy with his set of friends that included Manish Malhotra and Niranjan Iyengar. And guess that has been the case for the past three years. “I haven’t celebrated New Year with SRK and family in three years, but till date, no one bothered to ask me,” KJo said in an interview. Oh! But now we do bother, dear Karan.

It is because Karan and Shahrukh spend most of the non-festive days together in their plush houses in Mumbai that the two wanted to spend some time apart on New Year’s Eve. Quite possible, isn’t it?

And this need for ‘space’ is clear even from the movies that the two are doing. Why none of KJo’s recent movies – Agneepath, Student Of The Year, Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu – has featured Shahrukh. And SRK too has decided to work with new filmmakers like Rohit Shetty (in Chennai Express).

So we really think that it’s a classic case of growing distances. Do you agree with us, readers?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Balance

    You just forget to mention that SRK was the producer of SOTY!! Why do you want them to be not friends so badly? What do you get out of this? BL, Imrate 24 and Times of India you always publish things which r against King Khan. Just leave him alone!! He is the most admired person all over the world and he supposed to be a pride for your country. Why don’t you start this New Year with posetive attitude?? If it is possible..

  • Shahrukh khan fan4life

    For goodness sake India it about time you appreciate shahrukh khan. Without him bollywood is nothing he has brought different people from all over the world to love india movies and appreciate india for it great work in terms of cinema. I only came to know bollywood through shahrukh.he works so hard and yet everything he does is picked up on. Leave him alone for goodness sake. His the best among the rest. Love you king shahrukh

    • Sharukh Khan fan4life 2

      I agree with your and Balance at 100%, bollywood is nothing without SRK-a fan from french westindies

  • Heemalee

    I think the reporters need to grow up! Friends is not about being with each other 24X7! Its about being there when one needs a friend and that is what Karan-Shahrukh and Kajol have always done for each other! They go beyond the frivolities of spending new year’s eve with each other and that sort of things.
    If SRK is working with other directors, so is Karan Johar working with other actors. There could be nothing wrong with their friendship but the jurnos want them separate so that they can rope in Salman in between and make this into a war thats not there!
    Again, for the last time, GROW UP!! Srk, Karan and their friendship rocks!

  • Shivangi

    Get a life reporter.. Sickk.. Much better issues to talk about

  • Libra

    King Khan voted “The most Admired person” King Khan voted Rock star of the Year!! JTKH awarded the best film of the Year!!! Kat and SRK awarded the best Jodi of the Year!! SRK unveil the first look of Chennai…. You see these are the news which make them burnt with jealusy and force them to write this crap. So that people will forget the delightful news and stick into this negative one. That is the whole purpose of these journalists. Shame on you!!!! I think it will be advisable not to read some of them. Specially Times of India and Emirates 24/7 oh God they hate him sooooo much.

  • Sajid

    main to sirf ek hi baat kahunga ye log bahut achhe dost hai
    insaallah inki dosti zindagi bhar salamat rahegi

  • Keith

    Well, I don’t know Hindi…. I am from Austria. For me Bollywood is SRK. Get a life and be proud of what you have you Bollywood people…. He made you famous and now since you are famous you don’t need them…. You know we call such people JER*S….

  • shamsmemon

    it very sad I like to see them together ( very bad kjo)

  • shamsmemon

    it very sad er ( very bad kjo)