Why did Katrina Kaif call Anushka Sharma at 3am?

Why did Katrina Kaif call Anushka Sharma at 3am?

No, they are not the new ‘3am friends’ in B-town, but Anushka and Kat did do a lot of talking into the wee hours of the morning

Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma will be seen romancing Shahrukh Khan in their new film Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Talk is that Anushka has been upset because Yash Raj Films didn’t include her actively in the first leg of promotions for the film, which is a comeback of sorts for director Yash Chopra.

When Katrina heard about these stories, she probably lost sleep. Guess she didn’t want to be portrayed as the villain in this filmi kahaani! So Kat decided to pick up the phone and set the record straight. We hear Anushka, who doses off quite early at night, was shocked to hear her phone ring at an odd hour. She was even more stunned when she saw it was Katrina on the line. Kat asked Anushka if she was upset with her. She also cleared the air, saying that she hadn’t meddled in the promotional and marketing strategy for the film. Anushka was quite receptive and heard Kat out.

The discussion went on and on, and the two girls spoke for close to two hours. Finally, the two decided not to pay any attention to all the idle talk and stories about their rivalry. We must say that it was quite sweet of Kat to pick the phone and put things straight, even though it was at a rather odd hour. After all, all’s well that ends well, right? But we wonder what will happen if one of the two babes ends up getting all the accolades for the movie. Guess there will be another 3am phone call!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • topinbuzz

    Well, these bollywood friends don’t know how long and at what price they remain friends all i can say its good if friendship is buzzing, although whose who is bollywood funda what i use to listen and read in spicy newspaper headlines of bollywood news..keep buzzing guys..!!

  • Vibhu

    And this writer tapped the phone and was listening, what crap

  • Ritesh

    Did the promotions for this start already? Currently neither Katrina nor Anushka has talked about the movie? YRF hasn’t held a press conference to reveal this movie. Currently the only promotional material out for this movie is the posters released last week. No new material has been released so far. Do tell me where did the movie promotional event took place?

  • OP Upadhyay

    Katreena is standing with Anushka ji looking some elder sisters and so nice pair. God bless her to get all success in life only can say this.

  • Jhangiri

    Who cares what these two prostitutes do

    • AK

      Learn to respect woman…. :\

    • Rachel

      Prostitutes ? seriously ? Do you know what is a prostitute ? A person male/female who sells sexual services and receives money in exchange of them. Katrina and Anushka are known to have started their career in modelling then acting: there is no proof these women have been involved in any form of prostitution. Learn how to respect women I agree. A woman with all her rights are allowed to dress as she likes, take the career that she wants, date who she wants and marry who she wants. No sorry: a woman is not a submissive creature who has to be fully covered at all times and wait to be married off to a stranger and raped by her husband everyday. Change your mind set or be ready to be made fun of and despicted everywhere you go unless your entourage is as crazy as you

  • raghu

    Bcoz anushka sharma sleeps at 4 am

  • nora

    anusha sharma the best