Why did Katrina Kaif pick Ranbir Kapoor’s flop Besharam for performance at his wedding?

Why did Katrina Kaif pick Ranbir Kapoor’s flop Besharam for performance at his wedding?
Yogen Shah

When the babe was recently asked on which song she would perform at Ranbir’s wedding, Kat said she would dance on Besharam song. While we are happy the actor didn’t doge the question, we are bemused by her choice of song

Katrina Kaif, who usually keeps her interaction with the media professional, openly spoke about Ranbir Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan who made quite outrageous statements on Koffee with Karan 4. About Bebo dancing on her hit songs at Ranbir’s wedding, Kat at the press conference of Dhoom:3 said, “Kareena and Ranbir are cousins so they pull each other’s legs. There is no such thing like that. They said it as a joke. I don’t think they were serious.” Quite a clichéd answer but it’s better than ‘no comments’, hai na? But we were taken aback by her answer to the next question. Ms Kaif was asked on which song she would dance on at the Kapoor lad’s shaadi, she said, “If for some reason, I have to dance on a song at Ranbir’s wedding, I would dance on the Besharam song.”

Aakhir kyun Katrina? Coz the songs of Besharam were bad as the film itself then why would anyone pick such a song for a wedding performance. Kat, you could have chosen a song from Ranboo’s hit film Yeh Jawaani Hai Dewaani, no? After all, it has quite a few shaadi wala songs and we are sure even Ranbir wouldn’t mind see you groove on those numbers…wink wink! So Katrina if you change your mind, do take our suggestion!Subscribe to me on YouTube


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  • Romance

    Katrina without Ranbir , Only Ranbir with Deepkia Best forever together all time

  • Romance

    Off Engagement

  • Saeed Khan

    i think for some celebrities marriage does not suit or is not appropriate. i bet Ranbhir after marrying Katrina will soon be bored by all her nakhraaz (pet peeves) and 6 months down the road we hear the two have divorced with Katrina having RK’s baby. This is coming from a man where no one has gone before ……. RK should date Sunny Leone for the mere experience of having SEX and becoming a MAN.

    • Rohini Verma

      Let me marry Ranbir and have his babies

  • ganga

    I dont know if rk and katrina will marry . But rk seems very happy with katrina .he looks satisfied. When he was with deepika , she had problem with his wardrobe, she used to spy on him, he even cheated on her . But with katrina he is faithful, she dosnt have problem with anything . He can just be himself with her. And thats wht even katrina likes being with rk. She wears literally no makeup , moves in from short cloths , bikini to baggy cloths . She is just herself and rk loves her the wsy she is , with all her tantrums . I guess thats wht love is about . No complaints no demands . I love this couple

    • Rohini Verma

      Rankat will never marry each other. That’s final lock it.
      Also Ranbir is happier without Katrina. When he was dating Deepika he was very happy.

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir doesn’t love Katrina
      He is faithful she isn’t!
      I hate Katrina Kaif

  • ganga

    If ranbir n katrina dont get married. If katrina dosnt marry rk the loss is of katrina. Coz surely that guy loves her more than she does. She had even said once in an interview with mefia that he loves a girl who is in love with somebody else. I think he ment katrina who was dating salman that time. There is something called destiny above all.

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir will never marry Katrina
      She can’t get him. She is not his true love!!

  • zigzag

    Katrina made fun of ranbir flop movie besharam..lol and ranbir is still in love, i guess she is taking revenge from him

    • Rohini Verma

      Ranbir is not in love with her

  • jaideep

    If ranbir marry katrina he’s such a lucky person, but katrina is not ready to marry him? but why is she just checking him, even kareena is more than happy for both of them

    • Rohini Verma

      Kareena was wrong
      Also Ranbir doesn’t want to marry Katrina Kaif

  • Cevilj’122

    Katrina made right decision not marrying ranbir he’s not virgin i hate him

    • Rohini Verma

      Let me marry him. I love him.

  • Nithi K

    That buddhi doll could select any song……