Why did Kratika Sengar make fun of Sharad Malhotra’s height?

We caught up with the two actors on the sets of their upcoming film My Father Godfather when the Punar Vivah actor narrated this funny incident

Kratika Sengar and Sharad Malhotra are being paired opposite each other for the first time in Pankaj Dheer’s directorial debut My Father Godfather. The two are playing the cute, bubbly, naughty, fighting couple and you can see the two behaving the same way on the sets as well. Their characters have a romantic track and is laden with a lot of nok jhok and that makes the chemistry come even livelier onscreen. When we caught up with Kratika, she narrated a funny incident from during the shoots.

Sharad, before the first day of shoot asked Kratika whether she needed a butla. Butla is a small piece of furniture which is used in order to increase the height of the actor while giving close up shots. The actor stands on it and comes to an equal height with the other actor in frame. So Kratika refused Sharad’s offer by saying, “I am not that short and neither are you that tall.” But at last during the final take, Pankaj directed Kratika to stand up on the butla and give the shot. Sharad kept making fun of her height but not for very long! A few days later when Sharad had to shoot a scene with Aditya Pancholi, the director asked him to stand on the butla as well. Kratika saw this and started pulling Sharad’s leg and continued doing the same till the final day of the shoot.

We hope such nok jhok‘s comes out even more prominently onscreen when we see the film, which will be released digitally and will thus, have a wider audience base. The film would also have funny man Johnny Lever and we can’t wait to see this simple yet unique presentation. Keep checking out this column for more such funny incidents from the sets of My Father Godfather.