Why did Madhuri Dixit really return to India?

Although the actor has maintained in all her interviews that she came back to Mumbai ‘coz she wanted her kids to experience Indian culture, we  have our doubts about the reasons she has been citing. Here’s why…

Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit had a stable life in Denver for 12 years. Her children were all settled in school and with friends and her husband Shriram Nene was doing pretty well as a cardiovascular surgeon (at least that’s what we heard). Mrs Dixit-Nene would travel back and forth whenever she felt like facing the cameras again. So managing her career wasn’t that complicated either, especially since there was not huge amounts of work that she had to deal with. With the attention of diligent nannies and a helpful husband, we are sure her kids did not create much of a fuss either when Mommy wasn’t around. And honestly, everything seemed quite hunky-dory enough in the Nene family for them to stay in their comfort zone in the US.

So what exactly happened? Wethinks the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 judge has been covering up the real reasons for her decision to come back to this country under the pretext of introducing her children to Indian roots. And maybe she thinks that we, just like the others, will be unbearably touched by this sentimental statement.
Coming back to the epicentre of the issue – we don’t rule out the possibility that Mr Nene was perhaps shown the exit door ‘coz of some medical malpractice. He’s highly qualified, but complaints of malpractice are common in the US of A even for a toenail clipped too short or an antacid that is not totally effective. It could have been some ideological clash between him and his peers, leaving him open to the big move out of his accustomed environment. Or has the recession problem hit the Nenes to an extent that they have been too mortified to talk about it?  Maybe Ms Dixit suddenly felt the need to come back to B-town and start working her fingers to the bone, making up for her absence from the silver screen for the years that she was busy running around Arin and Ryan and changing cushion covers perhaps!

Well there are reasons galore hovering in our minds, and we won’t be able to figure out the real one until the gorgeous Madhuri reveals it herself. But we must say that she’s doing a pretty good job of putting on various masks and carrying on her everyday tasks…We are impressed!