Why did Madhuri Dixit really return to India?

Why did Madhuri Dixit really return to India?

Although the actor has maintained in all her interviews that she came back to Mumbai ‘coz she wanted her kids to experience Indian culture, we  have our doubts about the reasons she has been citing. Here’s why…

Bollywood diva Madhuri Dixit had a stable life in Denver for 12 years. Her children were all settled in school and with friends and her husband Shriram Nene was doing pretty well as a cardiovascular surgeon (at least that’s what we heard). Mrs Dixit-Nene would travel back and forth whenever she felt like facing the cameras again. So managing her career wasn’t that complicated either, especially since there was not huge amounts of work that she had to deal with. With the attention of diligent nannies and a helpful husband, we are sure her kids did not create much of a fuss either when Mommy wasn’t around. And honestly, everything seemed quite hunky-dory enough in the Nene family for them to stay in their comfort zone in the US.

So what exactly happened? Wethinks the Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 judge has been covering up the real reasons for her decision to come back to this country under the pretext of introducing her children to Indian roots. And maybe she thinks that we, just like the others, will be unbearably touched by this sentimental statement.
Coming back to the epicentre of the issue – we don’t rule out the possibility that Mr Nene was perhaps shown the exit door ‘coz of some medical malpractice. He’s highly qualified, but complaints of malpractice are common in the US of A even for a toenail clipped too short or an antacid that is not totally effective. It could have been some ideological clash between him and his peers, leaving him open to the big move out of his accustomed environment. Or has the recession problem hit the Nenes to an extent that they have been too mortified to talk about it?  Maybe Ms Dixit suddenly felt the need to come back to B-town and start working her fingers to the bone, making up for her absence from the silver screen for the years that she was busy running around Arin and Ryan and changing cushion covers perhaps!

Well there are reasons galore hovering in our minds, and we won’t be able to figure out the real one until the gorgeous Madhuri reveals it herself. But we must say that she’s doing a pretty good job of putting on various masks and carrying on her everyday tasks…We are impressed!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • shanu

    What a joke!!! Its completely understandable that she wants her kids brought up in a culture that is not foreign. If u lived among whites, having been brought up in a conservative Indian background, and then had kids exposed to a completely different culture altogether, u would understand her motives.

    • Mohit Sharma

      I agree with you….Madhuri is a living legend. She deserves all the respect

      • sanjaya

        What the hell with this stupid people? for what ever good or bad reason she is back, why can’t you be happy. I am Sri Lankan..Even I was so happy when I heard she came back..How valuable is she for your country man? This is a shame, posting this kind of articles.
        If the problem about her husband’s career, you all should be together and should help them to well settled in INDIA as MADHURI is a remarkable gift for her country…

        • detectiv

          It is not difficult for your journalist to uncover the true facts, and save his/her professional reputation.

          1. If malpractice suit against Dr Nene is the issue, it is publicly accessible, in Denver Courts.

          2. If her investments soured that too can be found thru credit rating agencies.

          Maybe they are not absconding accused, but merely people who returned after facing racial abuse/ hostility; or that age-old mother-in-law oroblem for Madhuri. Remember, her in-laws still stay in the USA!

          Intriguing. Come on journo, salvage your reputation, do this bit of research. You will discover a gold-mine! Best wishes for your further research!

  • Aakash

    What a ridiculous article!!!

    Madhuri and her husband should take you guys to court for defamation.

    How could you guys just presume and start speculating with some half cooked utterly nonsensical theories.

    Media is meant to be the bearer of truth not a gossip monging machine.

    Totally shocked by this artcle!!!

  • RK

    you are big jelous idiots!!!

  • Ajay

    It is a really stupid article. Besides, Madhuri was always keen on settling in India. You can read her articles in the film magazines about how she would like to settle in India some day.

  • Sukh Sandhu

    This is a completely baseless and stupid article. Can’t believe such people exist to write such a nonsense!

  • Aryan

    Cannot believe the audacity of this article. Madhuri Dixit is a living legend, big stars come to jhalak just to get a glimpse of her. This reporter is just an idiot, and the ludicrous article just proves how cheap some people can get, to achieve some publicity. UTTERLY DISGUSTING ARTICLE.

  • Akshay

    Now what do you want??To get hits on the website by writing such a useless,mindless, crap article?? Dr.Nene was shown the exit door??What is this??Are y writing a Yash Raj movie script??He committed such a big crime that he had to leave USA and settle for less in India?? That recession hit them badly and Madhuri Dixit had no money left to feed her family??That Madhuri who reigned bollywood for decades and charged crores back in 1994 was just throwing them on the streets of Mumbai and she had none!! That Madhuri who charged crores for Jhalak 4 and cpuld have earned crores by just shooting a commercial flying down once a year, was so badly hit by recession tht she had to get back?? That Madhuri, who could hve retained her mysterious superstar status by flying in once or twice to India , is a fool ?? Ohh wait, maybe the person who wrote this piece considers him/her to be Jhalak judge and is pissed off tht Madhuri got it!!! Talk abt journalism???

  • Tara

    Kya bakwaas hai! People are just trying to find something wrong with her these days. What are people so threatened by? We should be glad that someone came from the USA to live in India! I mean who does that these days unless they’re coming home to die or retire? She’s always been very rooted with her family and I have no doubt that it was the primary reason and everything else could fall into place. Good time to expose them to their heritage.

  • Sinem


  • Rajeev

    This journalist should be sacked and banned from the world of responsible media. OUTRAGEOUS!!

  • Rani

    The most bakwaas article I have read in my entire life! This journalist needs to apologise to Madhuri Ji, the best actress in Bollywood ever!

  • Renu

    Do u think changing cushion covers is a lame job????? Try to do that efficiently one day and u mom n wife will be proud of u than they are now reading this stupid article. Leave the lady alone and let the lady live peacefully where ever she wants.

  • Akki devare

    How rediculous article it is!
    How could that blody journalist write it!
    Madhuri is the “SUPERSTAR” of bollywood.
    Is that crime to return own country? People should be leave her peacefully.

  • Roger

    This article is the epitome of the word ‘STUPIDITY’. This article should be on the first page of every book of Journalism with the title ‘HOW NOT TO WRITE STUPID ARTICLE’.

    I am sure this person has gone mad or getting treatment at any mental hospital.

    The person you are writing this crap about is THE Madhuri Dixit who earns crores by appearing in two minutes advertisement. She is capable of living a high standard life style in United States even if she doesn’t earn any single penny now onwards.

    And what is wrong even if she has comeback to earn more. You are doing your work(writing this stupid articles) to earn money and she is doing hers. And the whole country loves her for what she does, not like you who gets this well deserved offensive comments for whatever you do.

    One question….is this person trying to become a script writer with writing such z-grade stories?

    Then I must say with your WILD IMAGINATIONS you would be the first person to make Bollywood version of ‘Inception’.

    • manika joshi

      well said roger

  • manika joshi

    what ever may the reason be the good thing is that she is back and doing a pretty good job on the small screen. why we r so skeptical about her return. India is her country and she has the very right to live where ever she wish to. all i want to say is that WELCOME BACK. and as far as Mr Nene is concerned please do not write anything without any proof. he is a fully qualified eminent surgeon.

  • Madhuri fan club

    Thanks everybody for writing and reacting to such stupid article. It is Maduri’s country and she can come here whenever she likes and everbody in this world has write to earn better.It is a shame that we have such journalists who themselves are novice in their field but point figers at others.

  • Sage

    This BollyB is really a stupid & idiot journalist. How can u defame such a respectable legendary actress & her accomplished husband? This site & the reporter should be dragged to court. Does he know that Dr Nene is going to accept the honorary surgeon post in KEM hospital to serve people of india? How can u malign such a person? And what this stupid jorno has done for the society? Write such baseless rubbish articles? Shame on him!

  • Ultimate Bollywood Divas Blog

    This distasteful article failed to even answer it’s own question. Please don’t publish such non-sense!

  • anjum

    if madhuri was really concerned about giving her children an indian cultural sip the she shud have brought her children long back and not now when they wont be able to bear the burden of indian culture. the article is true may be something went wrong and they are thrown out of USA

    • NA

      truly, i reside in states and yes malpractice could be huge factor they moved to India!

  • Radiant

    Such a vicious and speculative article without an iota of truth or proof . I amonsgt the millions am happy Madhuri is back and is active in her career. I just watch Jhalak for her and am eagerly waiting for her movies. Also evident from the comments that most ppl are disgusted by the article, so hope next time the writer does not write such crap. There’s something called accountability which is sadly lacking.

  • aas

    Why bother – why madhuri returned. None of our business.
    We only need to see her movies/ talent and judge that.

  • zee

    So cute

  • guessWhat!!


    Go to above link and find out how GREAT Dr. Nene Shriram is rated.

    YES 100% PATIENTS have recommended to Dr. Nene

    STOP writing such fabricated tales.

  • Shay

    Who made him a journalist? Actually, which publication publish this balderdash? Madhuri has always been one of the most professional, honest and respectable actors we have. She is beyond such foul malpractices. She is still a star and will easily attract a few millions without making any effort. We love her, idiolize her simplicity and refuse to accept such adulterated journalism. Grow up!

  • Eric

    People have so much energy to waste ,thinking of maduri &nene,simple,she is born,brought up ,raised as adult in India ,as nri,I tell you if one has money like maduri and nene,India is paradise ,it’s their country,get the point ,folks

  • Neha

    Its dumbest thing I’ve read…. Cardiovascular surgeons have malpractice insurance and they make lotttt lotttt lotttt of money. Even if dr.nene got sued he is still a dr in US with US education and med school experience. If it was up to him he wud never leave his practice to go to India. Kuch bhi chapta hai

  • Nini

    Actually most of the actresses couldn’t be away from silver screen.In India everyone recognizes her but in USA few people know her.Where her husband practices its up to him.

  • Raj

    I suggest people do not play into the hands of the media. Its there job to be devils advocate and wind up the people and provoke a reaction which in turn increases there coffers whereby the readership increases. Its a money making article. I bet even Madhuri and her family must be laughing there socks off.