Why did Mallika Sherawat’s suitor leave The Bachelorette India mid-way?

The Bachelorette India has been in the news for a lot of wrong reasons

Mallika Sherawat has had a tough time picking up the best of the men, but it looks like Ms Sherawat has lost out on a good match. One of the suitors of  the Welcome babe had to leave the show mid-way. According to a source, “Mallika met all her suitors for a yoga session in the morning. Post the session, Abhishek Sethi (35-year- old suitor from Noida) came up to her to inform that he would have to leave as his mother is critically ill.  This news saddened Mallika not just for his mother, but also for the fact that she couldn’t get to know him as well as she had hoped.” Unfortunately, Abhishek reached home, only to know that his mother is no more. It remains to be seen whether Abhishek who had impressed Mallika in the initial episodes will return to the show.

Text courtesy – DNA