Why did Mithun Chakraborty yell at DID Supermoms?

The veteran actor never loses his cool no matter what the situation, so what made him lash out at DID’s Supermoms?

Mithun Chakraborty is a professional and a veteran actor who loves being on the sets of Dance India Dance season after season. The actor has often spoken in interviews about his love for the show, the talented contestants, the judges, his puppet Jay Bhanushali and dance in general.

However, in the recent shoot of Dance India Dance Supermoms‘ episode, people witnessed the actor losing his cool for the first time. Apparently the moms were rehearsing before the shoot and the rehearsal went on longer than expected. Mithunda who is very punctual was asked to wait till the rehearsals got over and this didn’t go down too well with the actor.

Mithunda was kept waiting for over three hours; finally he lost his temper and yelled at the moms for wasting his time. He lectured them on discipline and punctuality, needless to say the contestants apologised and the shoot started immediately.

Guess, the mommies learnt their lesson!