Why did Parul Chauhan’s beau change his name from Yashdeep to Abhiram?

The handsome actor has legally changed his name to Abhiram but the quest is – why?

Parul Chauhan’s boyfriend Yashdeep Nain has a new name. Last December, the Yeh Ishq Haaye actor changed his name and will now be known as Abhiram. While talking to a leading daily, the talented lad confirmed the news and said, “My official name is Yashdeep, but my father always called me Abhiram. I am particularly fond of that name and finally got it changed legally in December, last year.” Is this the only reason why Yashdeep decided to change his name? Actors often turn to astrology, numerology or start following superstitions when their career isn’t heading anywhere. Maybe Yashdeep changed his name hoping it would help him too professionally. Well, we are just guessing.

Whatever the reason, the name Abhiram seems to be working for the Parul’s boyfriend. We say so coz the actor will be returning to the small screen after two years with television serial Buddha wherein Yashdeep (now Abhiram) will be seen playing the role of a warrior.

The new name is indeed turning out to be lucky for this hunk, hai na?