Why did Prakash Jha visit 400 villages in 30 days?

After making an array of movies on socio-political situations in the country, the renowned filmmaker works at the grass root level

It’s no surprise to know that Prakash Jha’s mind as a filmmaker is highly influenced by what happens around him socially, morally and politically. Jha also tries to portray stories that are lifted straight from the political map of India where the aam aadmi faces various issues that are as complex as they are confusing.

From Apaharan to Aarakshan and from Gangajal to Satyagraha, Jha has reflected upon various hurdles our country faces collectively. No wonder then the man is also keen to play an active role in politics not just by wielding the megaphone but by participating in it actively.

Jha was contesting the recent Lok Sabha elections from the Bettiah constituency in Bihar on a Janata Dal-United ticket. Prior to the polling in his constituency on Monday he undertook a marathon yatra of rural North Bihar as part of his political campaign. Jha visited places where basic things that we take for granted in our urban lives-such as automobiles, cellphones and computers-are unavailable. In a month’s time Jha, we are told, covered 400 villages. “I traveled to 20-25 villages every day. In each village I spoke to the people for 20-25 minutes. It was the most exhausting expedition of my life. But it was also immensely satisfying. I got to know the pulse of rural Bihar. I’ve always been close to the people from villages. But this time I feel I am in a world very far removed from Maya Nagri (Bollywood). The glamour world tends to suck you in to fantasy, no matter how rooted to reality you are,” explained the 62-year-old filmmaker.

We at BollywoodLife salute the man who knows his roots and does what it takes to bring about a change!