Why did Ram Gopal Varma apologise after watching Waar?

The filmmaker watched the film which is yet to be screened in India. Obviously, he watched a pirated version and so he apologised

Ram Gopal Varma recently watched Bilal Lashari’s film Waar and he was singing praises for it on Twitter. He tweeted, “Saw pakistani film ‘Waar ‘ ..stunned beyond belief..i just want to leave direction nd go to Pakistan to assist its director Bilal Lashari.” He went on to add, “Sharukh khan being the biggest star there nd Chennai express having a record of 9 million on first day Bilal lashari’s Waar collected 11.4.” The filmmaker added several more tweets regarding Waar, which finally made many people curious as to how did he watch the film which is yet to be screened in India. Then, Varma confessed and apologised that he watched a pirated copy of Waar!

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted, “Fr those asking how I got 2 see Waar I mst confess nd apologize tht I saw pirated as I ws unable 2 resist aftr hearing about it frm many here.” He didn’t stop there. He added, “Director Bilal Lashari should do a favour and send copies of his film.’Waar‘ to all us indian film makers.”

Well, it’s good that Varma confessed and apologised but being a filmmaker himself, he should’ve restrained and kept himself away from pirated films, no? Setting a bad example, ain’t he? Bad business, Varma!