Why did Ranveer Singh spit on Sonakshi Sinha’s face?

Why did Ranveer Singh spit on Sonakshi Sinha’s face?

The Dabangg babe got so upset with Ranveer Singh that she stormed out of the sets of the film

Sonakshi Sinha and Ranveer Singh may make for a lovely pair in Vikramaditya Motwane’s soon-to-be released movie Lootera, but there was a time when Sona was so upset with Ranveer that it took the Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl Actor days to pacify the Dabangg star.

It so happened that on the sets of Lootera when Ranveer and Sona were rehearsing for an intense scene, Ranveer accidentally spat on Sona’s face. Understanding the intensity of the scene in which Ranveer had to scream, Sona did not mind it. But she warned Ranveer to be alert while delivering his dialogues. “There is a scene where I hold Sonakshi tightly and yell ‘You called the police?’ I was in the skin of the character at that time and so the intensity was such that spit came out each time I said the dialogue,” said Ranveer in an interview.

But the poor lad was so deeply sunk in his character that he kept spitting on Sona’s face every time he said his lines. Miss Sinha go so upset with it that she stormed out of the Lootera set in the fit of rage. It took Ranveer hours to pacify his co-star before she resumed shooting.

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  • kat

    LMAO that was funny

  • qwe


  • TruthHurts

    This is the difference between a real actor (Ranveer) & someone with no training & is used to doing absolutely nothing in a film except for being arm candy (Sonakshi). She is one of the most over-hyped & overrated actresses ever! Yuk! I’m watching Lootera only for Ranveer. She looks older than him in the trailers.

  • Vivek

    In Django Unchained Leonardo Dicaprio wiped real blood all over Kerry Washington’s face and she did not stop the scene, yet Sonakshi can’t handle a little bit of accidental spittle? It wasn’t like he was doing it on purpose…