Why did Salman Khan agree to host Bigg Boss 8?

Why did Salman Khan agree to host Bigg Boss 8?

After the seventh season of the controversial show the Dabangg Khan had decided to never be a part of it again – then what changed his mind?

A little birdie informs us that the Salman Khan has been constantly visiting the Colors office in Andheri. Rumours suggest that the actor has struck a deal with the channel.

According to the deal, Salman will host Bigg Boss 8 only if the channel agrees to air a TV show produced by him. We don’t have the detailed information on Salman’s show, but we hear it has something to do with social causes. Looks like Salman is trying to follow Aamir Khan’s footsteps.

Just yesterday, BollywoodLife exclusively told you that Salman has been confirmed to host BB8. So does that mean, the channel has agreed to give in to the Kick actor’s demands and allot a time slot for his TV show?

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  • Tarik Dubois

    good ideay by Salman Khan i agree with him

  • Tarik Dubois

    ok i am waiting !!

  • arshi khan

    only just salman can do it host

  • http://batman-news.com Debjani Chatterjee

    All rubbish. These are nothing but gimmicks. Guys wake up. These were all pre decided. He was all along supposed to host Bigg Boss as he holds a meaty share on the profits of this reality show. So stop these game as we all know that Slman Khan will only host Bigg Boss for good.

  • alia sharma

    I am the salman khan fan and wanted to see him every time hosting bigg boss i love him and he is the most handsome,charming,good looking and dabangg hero of bollywood.love u salman and waiting to watch bigg boss for u only

  • Beea Syed

    i dont like him but i cant imagine any1 else hostin bigg boss ..