Why did Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez reshoot a song for Kick?

Why did Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez reshoot a song for Kick?
Yogen Shah

We hear it was coz of Sallu miyaan that a song had to be reshot. Was Khan not happy with the choreographer? Was he given difficult steps? Not really…

Salman Khan is one actor who never fails to surprise us with his antics. Believe it or not, but Dabangg Khan asked the makers of Kick to reshoot a song coz he wasn’t happy with his co-star Jacqueline Fernandez’s hairdo. Apparently, the Being Human star expressed his displeasure over Jackie’s hair style as soon as he arrived on the sets. While talking to a tabloid, a source said, “He asked it to be redone, following which Jacqueline’s hair and make-up artist started all over again. After this, the song was re-shot.” Now that’s funny, hai na? But we all know the bhai of Bollywood is very finicky about everything – from his co-star to their clothes and now their hair-do as well. Giggle…

On the other hand, we feel sorry for the Sri Lankan beauty. Poor Jackie not only had to get her make-up and hair done again, the babe even reshot a song after all this drama.Subscribe to me on YouTube


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    Jacqueline is one uber hot chick, I felt violated in a good way after I saw ‘Lat lag Gaye’ , I wish to be violated again by her, hope the song dance is better than LLG, just submit to Bigg Boss & he’ll make all your dreams come true:-)