Why did Salman Khan call Sonakshi Sinha ‘traitor’?

Salman Khan is seen wooing his lady love Sonakshi Sinha in the new song from Dabangg 2 and Ms Sinha seems hellbent on not giving him too much attention

Salman Khan is trying to calm the angry Sonakshi Sinha down in the new song Dagabaaz re from Dabangg 2. But Sinha, like a conventional Bollywood chick, is making sure that she takes her own sweet time to give her positive nod. While Khan is seen doing his signature Dabanggstyle dance steps and sporting his stylish aviators, we are quite impressed with the lyrics of the song. The words have an old-world charm. And although the melody isn’t that impressive, the striking lines that Sallu uses to pacify his ladylove get a thumbs up from us. Check out the fun we’ve had with the track, while literally translating it into angrezi

Dagabaaz re, dagabaaz re

Traitor oh, traitor oh!

Tore naina bade dagabaaz re

Your eyes big deceitful…

Kal mile, Kal mile ye hamko bhul gaye ajj re

Tomorrow only met, and me forgot today you

Kahe khaffa aise

Why angry are you?

Chulbul se bulbul

Chulbul from Bulbul

Kaahe na tu maane batia haaye

Why don’t you listen to my talk, oh!

Kahe pada peeche jaanede bairi

Why you are behind me, let me go enemy

main jaanu kya tori khatiya haaye

I don’t know your problem what is…