Why did Salman Khan openly cuddle Katrina Kaif?

Posted Thu, August 16, 2012 4:41pm IST

The last episode of Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5 surely made us wonder about what is really going on between the Ek Tha Tiger stars

Salman Khan is a pro at making us smile with his antics on the sets of television reality shows. And the latest that we included in the list was Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 5, where he made an appearance with his Ek Tha Tiger ladylove Katrina Kaif.

And while we enjoyed and cherished Sallu bhai reliving his Hum Aapke Hain Koun…! moments with B-town’s dancing diva Madhuri Dixit, we couldn’t help but notice how Salman kept pampering his ‘good friend’ Kat. How…err…unusual, no? ‘Coz usually the pair refrains from acting overtly friendly for fear of setting off supposedly unwanted relationship rumours.

But this time it wasn’t so. The Tiger and his Zoya shared a very open and comfortable chemistry. And the moment when Salman cuddled the Chikni Chameli’s not-so-chubby cheeks just made for a perfect ‘awwww’ moment, no? But that wasn’t all! Salman’s hand kept lingering around darling Kat time and again. Ahem ahem.

Any clue what made the two relax those self-imposed rules of keeping a safe distance from each other in public? Take a look at these pics, dear readers, and tell us where do you think Salman and Katrina are heading…

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  • king

    jalne wale khuda tujay be de

  • sadia

    they are awwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute together… the best looking pair i hav eva seen in life…. wish they merry….

  • katie

    they openly cuddled each other to promote their movie or else why would ppl be inspired to watch this movie. dont worry now that the movie is over SRK will bell the kat.

  • Syed Kiyanoosh

    Katrina looked very happy and contented with the cuddle of Salman. She melted with his touch. Surely, they share exciting and very intimate chemistry which may even include more than what we have witnessed. Cheers and good luck ! We love to see you two like ‘ that’ .
    Lagey raho Sallu Mian and Kat gori !

    • Kanta TC

      Agreed. They should ‘ lagey raho’ with each other. After all they are human beings too. Is Katrina a mellow and tranquilizing effect on Salman ? May be. However, they go together with the 300 Crore booty !

  • sam

    they r looking cute together …..plzz salman merry wid kat….

  • junior

    salman and kat looks stunning when they act together, i think salman khan shouldn’t waste any time…!!! plizzz Salman; proposed katrina kaif…. before its too late

    anyway, you rock salman khan..!!!!! :)

  • Raieskhan

    Slm@n you are prfct 4r k@T.

  • sanakalai

    its just a publicity stunt i think katrina goes good with sharukh not salman