Why did Salman Khan pull Tanuj Virwani’s pants down?

Yes, Salman actually did that to Rati Agnihotri’s son, who makes his debut in Luv U Soniyo this week. Tanuj tells us why

Like most of us, even star kids have had their baggy pants, loose tee and unkempt hair days. Tanuj Virwani, who makes his debut with Luv U Soniyo on July 26, recollects this phase of his life.

He said to a daily, “When I went to college, it was cool to wear baggy pants and loose T-shirt and I was always a big Eminem fan.” He also recalls,“I was always a brat and my parents used to literally run behind me for cutting my hair, but I never paid heed.” It was only Salman Khan who could teach him a lesson! How?

It so happened that, Salman had come for Tanuj’s parents’ 17th wedding anniversary party. Sallu’s bro-in-law Atul Agnihotri is Tanuj’s mom Rati Agnihotri’s first cousin). Tanuj revealed what happened at the party, “Oh! it was hilarious and yes, embarrassing too. We were at the party and Salman bhai came upto me and asked why am I wearing such baggy jeans, to which I casually said it’s cool and fun to wear it these days and I like it and the next moment you won’t believe it he just pulled down my jeans, thank god I had ma big boxers on!!! And that was the last day I wore those baggy pants…”

After this episode, we are sure, Rati is quite thankful to Salman to for having got those rugged pants off Tanuj!