Why did Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan Khan need police protection during the shoot of Haider in Srinagar?

This is not the first time Vishal Bhardwaj’s Haider shoot was stalled

Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan Khan were in for a surprise when they resumed the shooting of Haider in Srinagar yesterday. The duo was ready to roll for a shot where they were entering a car when somebody from the crowd threw a kangri (pot) filled with coal at the actors.The unit was at Aishan Sahab Zaina Kadal when the crowd gathered to watch the shoot. The incident came as a surprise to the actors who were immediately moved to another location along with the crew. The entire unit shifted to Feta Kadal, in the old Srinagar and  also had the Jammu & Kashmir police and the Central Reserve Police Force personnel for protection.

While onlookers confirmed this incident to a leading daily and also added that the youth gathered at the location raised anti-India slogans. The crew vehemently denied this episode, the police called this an accident and not a deliberate act.

Earlier when the Haider cast was shooting at Naseem Bagh (Kashmir University Garden), the shoot was disrupted by a bunch of University students. Apparently the students objected to the tricolor being hoisted in their campus. The crowd had even made the makers pull down the tricolor and were heard protesting and screaming out loud anti-Indian slogans.

With the recent episode having three versions – one of the onlooker, police and the crew that said that crowd asked for Shahid and Irrfan‘s autographs we wonder what the real truth of this matter is.