Why did Shahrukh Khan threaten to fire Deepika Padukone?

Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone

The Chennai Express stars were at their jovial best when they spoke to the media, but trust SRK to throw in a remark that took everyone by surprise

No, Shahrukh Khan has not threatened to throw Deepika Padukone out of their next film Happy New Year. Instead SRK-Dippy have a treat for Dubai – the new Access All Areas concert! Shahrukh and Deepika are making most of their stay in in the Emirates. While the duo, along with the entire cast and crew of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year including Abhishek Bachchan, Boman Irani and Vivaan Shah have been spotted at various events and dos, some of their appearances have been very hatke indeed. Remember the Arab look they sported? They are now ready to captivate Dubai with action packed stage performances. The Chennai Express leading stars will relive their onscreen moments on the stage too. Addressing the press in Dubai King Khan confessed that Deepika was a better performer and got her act right easily every time. “Deepika takes one day to learn what takes me 30 days to learn!” Ms Padukone was quizzed about who the other stars were that will to join them on stage for this special SRK Live concert and she made it clear that the Baadshah was the boss. Deepika said, “I’m not allowed to say who the other performers are.” SRK was quick to explain, “She’s on probation; she’ll be fired if she answers this!”

Shahrukh entertained the gathered audience with his quick wit and agreed that he was the ultimate master when it came to marketing. “We don’t do press conferences for marketing. You will have to wait and watch what I do to market my movies. I’m a marketing Einstein!” How modest, na?

We don’t doubt SRK’s claim about being Einstein when it comes to selling a film, especially after the stupendous success of Chennai Express, but let’s just remind King Khan that this year is not yet over. We’ve got the perfectionist Aamir Khan coming in soon with Dhoom: 3 and then good friend Hrithik Roshan, who returns to the silver screen as superhero with Krrish 3. Our suggestion to Shahrukh: Wait a little longer so that we can give the ‘marketing Einstein’ title to the most deserving of them all!Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Lakshmi

    You guys do realize he’s mocking the media with the ‘Marketing Einstein’ thing right? Since it’s the media that keeps coining him as a marketing genius and what have you? Please do your due diligence as journos and not create things. But all things aside, it is going to be a fantabulous year for Indian cinema, with all the movies headed our way.

    • Abid

      Great Great fans of the great SRK are here. Do u call that going around begging the people to watch the movie as marketing and SRK as marketing Einstein? It shows his desperateness, no matter how much he rejects but the fact is that SRK has always been arrogant and insecure and over the time he has gone worst to the point that he went to request EKta to postpone their movie release by one week so that his Chennai express gets maximum profits. Poor Ekta had fallen for SRK’s dirty trick. When Ekta asked to return the favor, SRK turned his back towards her. This is not the first time, SRK is always known to ditch people, his own friends were also on his target…his best friend KJO also got a cold vibe from SRK at the JDJ show. I can’t help but notice apparently Ms. Jinxed chopra has something to do with this as well. SRK wanted to get all best deals to Jinxed chopra but i think KJO didnt oblige to SRK’s wish and refused to take Priyanka in his films and that tells why SRK snubbed KJO. SRK wanted to stay close to PC and this deals might have irked Gauri and Gauri decided to kick her out.

      • Srishti

        that is what you think..you dont know him personally.and you have NO right to judge people that way.

  • charlene

    please don’t start again. srk was joking. he himself said the other releases will rock. even i will watch krish because the fx done by srk’s company looks stunning.

  • emmuteelas

    Dude, this is so wrong! He was just kidding and you twisted his words and commented on what he just said jokingly. He is the most modest star known and you should not mold his words whichever way you like. That is just wrong :/
    Don’t forget he is the one who said that he hopes new records are set after CE while others were too desperate.

  • jessica

    Lol srk is 2 nice 2 threaten dippy. Y would da press say big lies like tat. Everybody knows tat King Srk wouldnt even hurt a fly. He is da best singer & actor in da whole world. We luv u SRK u rock lol yaaay. <3<3<3<3<3 :-D :-D :-D :-D

  • bilaljamil

    shahrukh khan se main kahna cahta hoon aap like you