Why did Sonam Kapoor get infuriated at a protest rally?

The Raanjhanaa star was out on the street to protest against the Mumbai gangrape that  has shaken the entire country. Much to her horror, Sonam discovered that a few men were touching a young woman in the crowd

As if the shock and horror of the recent gangrape in Mumbai was not enough to disturb our collective consciousness, here’s yet another shocking incident that reflected the sorry situation of the society we live in. Bollywood star Sonam Kapoor who has always been vocal about her informed opinions was out on the street to participate in a rally protesting against rape and increasing number of crimes inflicted on women. The 27-year-old decided to participate in the march like an aam-aadmi at Bandra’s Carter Road. Even the media and regular folks joined the herd and the noise gathered more crowds along the way.

But much to her horror and anger, Sonam discovered that a young girl was being touched inappropriately by some of the men. Sonam was boiling with anger. When she spotted a young man smiling at the plight of the hapless victim, she unleashed a verbal tirade against the man. She also yelled at the crowd urging men to behave with women. Singer Sona Mohapatra who was joined by Sonam too supported the actor.

“If I as a celebrity and as a citizen of this country can’t voice my opinion and if I try to be politically correct, thinking about the possible repercussion of what I say, then I will be ashamed of myself. If I don’t make noise upon seeing something that my conscience doesn’t’ approve how do you expect an ordinary girl protesting against the misdeeds,” said Sonam in an interview to BollywoodLife.