Why did Soumik Sen cast Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit in Gulaab Gang?

Why did Soumik Sen cast Juhi Chawla and Madhuri Dixit in Gulaab Gang?

The film starring the two divas will hit theatres this Friday

Juhi Chawla says she thought director Soumik Sen had lost his mind when he offered the actor her career’s first negative role in his upcoming film Gulaab Gang. “The first time I heard the role I thought he (Soumik Sen) has gone insane. Gradually, I got convinced after he explained it further. I thought it would be wonderful if I could do it,” Juhi, 46, told reporters at a press conference. The director joked that he had to show his musical side to the actor in order to convince her.

“I had to sing to convince her,” Soumik joked. Produced by Anubhav Sinha, the movie also stars Madhuri Dixt, who plays a firebrand leader while Juhi essays the part of a power-hungry politician. Casting Juhi as the antagonist of the film was Soumik’s effort to break the mould. “I had cast Madhuri as the hero of the film as it was in my mind from before but while choosing a villain I thought it must be as big if not bigger,” Soumik said.

“I was also trying to break the mould as Charlie Chaplin, Amol Palekar have done earlier and therefore Juhi was taken as the villain for the film,” he added. When asked why he didn’t give credit to Sampat Pal, who is thought to be an inspiration for the movie, Soumik said that his story is a complete work of fiction and has no connection whatsoever with reality.

Dixit, who was last seen on the screen in Dedh Ishqiya, said the film gives an important message about women empowerment. “Through the film we want to give out a message that women need to be empowered, they need to be educated for them to feel independent and get respect in the society. Rajjo is in every woman, there’s only the need to identify her,” Madhuri said.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • http://www.flimcafe.com/ Siddharth Chhaya

    It will be really interesting to see Juhi Chawla in a negative role given her image till now. She always excels in soft innocent yet bubbly and naughty roles but serious and negative role? well..looking forward to watch Gulab Gang already.

    • Analyst

      here too she is an naughty villain. Not like she is anything gruesome and changing her personality.

      • http://www.flimcafe.com/ Siddharth Chhaya

        Ya but not naughtier then Aaooooo Shakti Kapoor used to be :P

        • Analyst

          haha, yeah Shakti Kapoor is iconic :P .

  • milan227

    I never thought I’d say this but I’m really looking forward to watching Juhi in this movie than Madhuri. T

  • dili

    All the best to both ladies – i am all for female empowerment and want these two to make more meaningful cinema and get more good scripts so i hope their movie does great ! I am catching the movie this Friday 7th March when it releases ….