Why did Sunny Deol get emotional while watching Sholay 3D?

The ultimate macho man of B-town could not hold back his tears while watching the soon-to-be-released 3D version of his father’s iconic movie co-starring Amitabh Bachchan

Sunny Deol’s mighty exterior may suggest that the man is made up of steel, but those who know the Deol lad well will tell you that the action hero is a softie at heart. So when the sentimental Sunny watched the new version of Sholay –the iconic film of Indian cinema-in 3D format, he simply could control his emotional outburst.

Deol, who watched a special screening of Sholay 3D, said Saturday he got very emotional after watching the film that starred his father Dharmendra. “It’s an iconic film and I got emotional watching it. I got emotional throughout the film,” Deol told reporters.

Praising the film, he said: “It’s been 38 years for Sholay and still it looks so fresh. I loved it and it’s a new experience to watch it in 3D. The entire film looks good in totality.”

The 3D version of Sholay will release Jan 3.