Why did Sussanne Roshan suddenly leave Rakesh Roshan’s birthday bash?

Sussanne Roshan makes an early exit from Rakesh Roshan's birthday bash
Yogen Shah

The senior Roshan recently celebrated his 64th birthday, but it was Sussanne who caught everyone’s attention as she left the party way too early…but why?

Just a few days ago, it was Rakesh Roshan’s birthday and as expected, his beloved beta Hrithik Roshan and beti Sunaina Roshan made it a grand affair. Bollywood’s bigwigs like Amitabh Bachchan, Rekha, Dharmendra, Javed Akhtar, Jeetendra and Sridevi made their presence felt at the party. We hear that the Krrish 3 actor and sister Sunaina were the first to reach the venue. The Roshan khandaan happily posed for the shutterbugs and were in high spirits right through. The only missing piece in this almost picture perfect scene was Duggu’s wifey Sussanne Roshan. Yes, the Roshan bahu walked in to the party around 10.45 pm with her brother Zayed Khan and their parents. She was simply dressed in a floral sheath, not in clothes that fit the occasion – a feathered friend told us that the outfit had a few tongues wagging. And just when everybody got into the party mood after the cake cutting ceremony, Sussanne made a hurried exit. Her quick retreat from the bash raised quite a few eyebrows and most people must have pulled on their detective hats to find out why, hai na?

Well, every time a celeb makes an early exit from a party, shaadi, event or movie launch, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is trouble brewing, no? It seems that people have forgotten the fact that besides being a wife and a bahu, Sussanne is also a mother of two still-young sons. And we all know this gorgeous lady loves spending time with her cute little boys – all mothers do! Maybe this yummy mummy left early ‘coz her two little ones, Hrehaan and Hridhaan needed her attention and hubby Hrithik was totally in charge of the festivities, don’t you think? Also, Sussanne is an entrepreneur and we know how taxing it can be to juggle so many hats at the same time. So making a brief appearance at a party after a hard day’s work shouldn’t be surprising. And remember it is Hrithik who is the star, not Sussanne. She doesn’t have to be everywhere all the time with miyaan, and is entitled to a life of her own, wethinks. Also, if the family didn’t mind her leaving, why should you or anyone else?Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • Alia

    Uh hello it’s clearly the one who wrote this article, minded that Suzzane left the party early. You write an article and you put blame on the public. Shame on you moron

  • Desary Payne

    tja she was late for op? I had been with my man (nannies 2) been used so why so late and there are old photos of her at the celebration of the birthday of her parents she came too late and not with her ​​husband Hrithik to the op would certainly near their hand. why it is not like before in interviews etc fixed it? I ask this already a year and you notice it only now?
    alongside with Hrithik looks very battered as he was very hurt by someone familiar! and she looks annoyed but happy out on his side. who suffers more will leave, or leave one. the man who was a stranger with whom she danced not sure tja their newspapers where her respects only. ask questions about one thing for sure, I wish Hrithik a lot of strength and support of the fans, mother, sister, and on which he often.

  • kulsum rajab

    This article is pointless. Get something else to write about, something that has some merit.