Why didn’t Sanaya Irani’s Chhanchhan gain TRPs?

Sanaya Irani

Chhanchhan kicked off with fanfare in March this year, but its TRPs couldn’t take off in a big way

Sanaya Irani’s relevantly new show is going off air in just seven months since it’s launch, and the actor says it’s a logical decision to end the show and she is looking forward to doing something bigger.

“The show is going off air. It wasn’t gaining TRPs … any show that doesn’t have TRPs shouldn’t be on-air, so there is nothing left to say,” said the actor on the sets of the show on Tuesday. When newbie Farhan Khan was playing the role of Manav – the grapevine was that the show is not getting good ratings because of Farhan. The makers under pressure, changed the lead and brought in Anuj Sachdeva. We agree the chemistry did get better, but hardly created any world change for TRP. So we wonder was Farhan really to blame for the low numbers? Guess the makers forgot that besides the actors the most pivotal part of any show is the script too. It’s not enough to just have good actors, right?

We believe the channel and the production house was hugely banking on Sanaya’s popularity post Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, but no one can drive content that doesn’t work, no?

We are sure the actor will soon find something bigger and more exciting to do once the show ends. “I believe everything that happens in my life happens for a reason. So, I believe something bigger is waiting for me, that is why this has happened,” said Sanaya.Good luck with that!

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  • gsfsjhk

    in this there is no fault of sanaya tje problem is with the time at 9 all baring bahu and sasuma are use to see boring and dabbu serial dabh .

  • hffgdf

    it is not sanaya fault.just stop blaming sanay famouscity.

  • jthfhgj

    guys plz vote for sanaya as best actrees for ita awards plz start voting her.go to gr8 tv magazine .and vote for her as best actrees.come on prove that we are sanaya fans.and inform this as much as people u meet.go for it.

  • maria zafar

    Don’t blame Sanaya. She is very beautiful and talented actress .She is a SUPERSTAR.

  • Sarah Noel

    It failed to gain trps becoz quite honestly none of Sanaya’s previous shows were a hit due to her..Mjht was a hit because of arjun and rati..everyome knows that..Rati is a fantastic actress and it got proved when her show after mjht became a hit only becoz of her..And as far as IPK is concerned..the world knows it was because of the phenomenon called Barun Sobti who made it a blockbuster..Sanaya Irani is a bad actress..just a pretty face..would just do good in flower pot roles..with a formidable male lead..or any other good actor..who actually knows how to act unlike her..She is no drashti or rati or sakshi..who are superb in acting as well..besides being good looking..Being overconfident drowned her in this particular show..she mistook that her previous show was a hit becoz of her..and fell upside down..Another Aamna Sharif in the making..

    • Shalini

      Sorry but didn’t u properly read the article,no actor in the world can drive a show unless it has good content.
      You are comparing Sanaya with that melodramatic sobbing whiny queen Drashti duh??
      Rati and sakshi are good but plz Sanaya is 100 times better than Drashti in the acting department.Sanaya is natural in front of camera unlike that over acting Drashti.At least mention proper names when you’re comparing and hating on her.One more thing get out of that illusion like many others that IPK was a hit cz of Barun Sobti.IPK was a hit mainly cz of its maker’s and the jodi comprising of both Barun-Sanaya.If Barun had that magic wand to create phenomenon as u stated then why didn’t he create such thing in Bollywood.No actor is above the script it is the real hero and success behind the show.Sanaya’s show is just a proof of that.

    • Jaya

      Going by your logic then Barun Sobti’s BHPH should also have been a super it and I believe he was in a show called Shradda or something…don’t remember that one causing too many waves either. Without Sanaya Irani giving Khushi the appropriate reactions Barun’s ASR would have fallen flat as just a series of angry constipated stares and mumbling in a fake American accent. Barun Sobti is not a bad actor but has a long way to go before anyone can even begin to think of calling him phenomenal…that category belongs to the likes of Amitabh Bachchan…Barun hasn’t even made it into the Ram Kapoor and Ronit Roy league yet.Even his directors have said that he needs a lot of direction and camera angles and lighting had to be constantly adjusted to make him look good…hardly the mark of a good actor. You got it wrong, it was Sanaya making Barun look decent,
      Can’t comment on Rati I find her look off putting but my understanding is that it was more the characters or Nupur and Mayunk that were popular rather than Rati or Arjun. Drashti is decent but monotonous in her facial expressions. Sakshi is good in BALH but the role has no versatility whatsoever.
      How was Sanaya overconfident…did she twist someone’s arm to force them to make ChhanChhan. On the contrary Sony was so eager to get her on board and get the show started that they didn’t let the PH do their job properly. It’s only because of Sanaya Irani that the show lasted as long as it did
      Btw any news on when we can see the ‘phenom’ in MAMR…or perhaps was he too confident in thinking that his name would have the distributors lining up for the rights of his film?.

  • geetha

    frankly speaking idont wt sony tv serial its bec of my sweet sanaya i started wt sony after anuj entry it was gd oly the draw bk tas no repeatef telecast only 2 times 2watch sanaya anuj i have put sonyhd chanel in yhay iy usrd to telecast mor730am and 7pm low trp bec of chanel and production