Why do Imran Khan and Anushka Sharma love each other?

In Vishal Bhardwaj’s Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, we see the stars – Imran and Anushka expressing their love for each other for reasons best known to them. Read on to find out why the two are so much in love.

We know that the veteran lyricist Gulzar will not spare us for this one, but we can’t help but translate his meaningful lyrics of Khamakha into English, word-for-word. And yes, we don’t do anything without a reason; we do it for BollywoodLifers who religiously read and savour the popular Lost in Translation! So here it goes – Khamaka from Imran Khan-Anushka Sharma’s Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola.



Halki halki aahein bharna

Takiye mein sar de ke dheeme dheeme

Sargoshi mein baatein karna

Pagalpan hai aise tumpe marna

Ubla ubla kyun lagta hai?

Ye badan, ye jalan to khamakha nahi, khamakha nahi


Light light hots for filling

In pillow keeping head slowly slowly

Engulfing in talking doing

Madness is this to on you die

Boiling boiling why it feels?

This body, this burn is without reason no, without reason no



Ye khalish jo hai, woh khamakha nahi

Haan tapish to hai, par khamakha nahi


This emptiness that is, that without reason no

Yes urge is there, but without reason no



Jo nahi kiya, kar ke dekhna

Saans rok ke, mar ke dekhna

Ye bewajah, besabab, khamkha nahi

Ye khamakha nahi

Ye khamakha nahi

Ye khamakha nahi


What not done, do it and see

Breath hold it, die and see

This meaningless, without reason, without reason no

This without reason no

This without reason no

This without reason



Saari saari raat ka jaagna

Khidki pe sar rakh ke rote rehna

Ummeedon ka jalna bujhna

Paagalpan hai aise tumpe marna

Khali khali do aankhon mein

Ye namak, ye chamak, to khamakha nahi

Khamakha nahi


Full full night not sleeping

Window on head keeping and crying

Hopes burning and going off

Madness is this to on you die

Empty empty two eyes in

This salt, this shine without reason no

Without reason no