Why do people believe that Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are more than friends!

Why do people believe that Shahrukh Khan and Priyanka Chopra are more than friends!

The constant chinwag has already taken a toll on the friendship between the superstar and his favourite co-star, but we think there’s more smoke than fire in this matter

Superstar Shahrukh Khan and the leading lady who idolises him, Priyanka Chopra are trying very hard to avoid walking along the same path. Remember how at a recent do the dusky babe wasn’t her usual self when a question about SRK was thrown at her? PC was asked if she would be cheering for SRK’s IPL team Kolkata Knight Riders this year; she paused for a while and replied that she has a lot of friends who own IPL teams, so her wishes are with everybody. Isn’t that very unlike PC? ‘Coz she isn’t a lady who thinks twice about voicing her love and admiration for the King Khan, we know.

So what could have led to such a drastic change in behaviour and tainted the happily healthy relationship between the two actors? We found our answers in this morning’s report. According to the story we read, the superstar has been indulging his current co-star Katrina Kaif with fancy jackets, gym bags and a bodyguard for her security. This isn’t the first time he has showered love on his near and dear ones with gifts and concern. In the past too, everyone from his first co-star Juhi Chawla to more recent Deepika Padukone has been at the receiving end in the relationship with SRK. For Deepika it was her dream launch in Bollywood; Juhi (with husband Jay Mehta) is a part-owner of his IPL team; PC was gifted an acoustic guitar on her birthday; Farah Khan was presented a luxury car after the release of Om Shanti Om…and there has been so much more. Perhaps the most touching and special gesture came for Kajol; one of the first people husband Ajay Devgn called on to provide solace to Kajol when her father Shomu Mukherji passed away was Shahrukh. Which means the superstar has to genuinely be one of the friendliest and most indulgent men in the industry.

Wethinks that it’s this friendly, caring and loving side of the superstar that has ignited rumours of a clandestine relationship between him and Priyanka. And we think the reason is easy to understand: Priyanka, like SRK, is friendly, funny, flirty and vocal about almost every single thought in her head and heart. To add fuel to the speculation of a possible romance, she reportedly broke up with Shahid Kapoor some time before Don 2 released. This made her easy prey in the minds of gossipmongers.

The problem is, wethinks, it is this easy, fun, flirty feeling between SRK and PC that has added some credence to the whole “affair” story. You can’t say the same about the other women in SRK’s professional life: Farah’s always been like a sister to him, Kajol is more like a buddy and was dating Ajay when they worked together and Deepika was supposed to have a soft spot for Ranbir Kapoor when she were shooting for Om Shanti Om. In the past, Juhi was one lady to be linked with SRK, but over the years their growing family ties have proved there was no truth to the rumours.

So what can the two stars do now? Especially because neither will come right out and say just what is going on between them…all we can do is speculate and wait to find out more.Subscribe to me on YouTube


  • ashokverma

    salmankhan ham apke bahut bra fen hun ap ko bahut ejjat karte he sir hamko madat kijiye plj sir

    • Salman Khan

      tuu ek kaam kar, mere lia ek larki dhund ke de, koi v chalega, kaam bali bai-bazar bali, koi v….. our jo cahega mai teri madat kar dunga….. plj kar na….

      • Katrina kaif

        Sallu.. jabse mene tuje bhai kya bol diya tabse tu har koi ladki ko apni jagir samajne laga hai? koi tuze bhai bole to tuzse vo sahen nai ho raha?

  • sandi mann

    finally, some sanity! Shah Rukh is known to respect and love women – ALL women, and is a loving, caring, generous, courteous gentleman…don’t read anything more into his female friendships than that.

  • shuayb

    I have said it before and I will say it again:
    1. You writers of this sight (And I use that time very lightly) are disgusting! You take the most innocent of things and make it seem so so so horrible!!

    2. THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON BETWEEN SRK AND PC!!!! SRK is not like Aditya Chopra, Saif and Aamir! He is a family man and will not chase someone younger and prettier! You can just see how he loves his kids and wife and he will never ever cheat on them. For years gossip rags have been saying that he has had affairs with Juhi then Rani and even Kajol!AND IT IS ALL FALSE!

    HE IS NOT THE CHEATING TYPE. He is flirty and friendly with his co stars, that is who he is. When he was filming Main hoo naa he gave Shusmita chocs and flowers everyday because that is the type of person he is.


  • msmadhatress

    i’m just sad that such a lovely friendship has been destroyed because of parasitic rumor mongers, and i dont know if they would ever recover it back :(

  • tim

    srk is not with gauri, he didn’t take guari to the yale presentation, and he didn’t even mention her name in his speech, he always talks about his wife, no matter what. he’s having an affair with priyanaka and that’s final.

  • Kanupriya Sawhney

    Its just a rumor nthg else.

  • dhiksha

    shahrukh is a very friendly person… these are all disgusting rumours… he is not like that aamir who wants every woman .. in recent times it is witnessed that shahrukh and gauri are very happy with each others presence… please stop creating all this nonsense

  • amit prakash

    nice couple

  • amit prakash

    nice at my fav actor

  • maali

    I don’t know about SRK Priyankas relationship and I do understand your need to defend him but all the facts you have written are false and simply made up stories by you. How on earth Shah Rukh gifted Deepika her dream launch, when they didnt even know each other before that. She was just a random girl Farah chose to do the lead in her film. they beamefriends afterwards. Shah Rukh never gifted the IPL partnership to Juhi, in fact its the other way around. It was his dram to own a cricket team one day but he could’t afford to buy his favourite players alone. so as equally wealthy and trustworthy friends, Juhi and Jay also roped in to give him his dream.
    I love Shah rukh too, i really do. But whatever you have written are false information. I bet your favourite actress is Kajol hence you made her receive the best gift in your story.
    This is why I don’t like about private blogs. They can write whatever they want and publish as facts so people will believe all that. Half of the stuff are written on Shah Rukh are mere made-ups like this one and its very unfortunate

  • anna

    They are not regular friend but they were the best friends without
    Sex. Remember that…This was poisonous for them..

  • LM

    no way they were ever dating!!!!! SRK loves and adores his wife! he is olways very swit to his leading ladies! while priyanka is a home wrecking whore! i still recall the akhshay/priyanka thingy.she learnt her lesson the hard way! yet she won’t stop!!!!
    priyanka got all hyped up about srk’s attention to her! she overreacted!!! #freak