Why does Aamir Khan want to colour his heartbeat?

The perfectionist actor grooves to this revolutionary number from Rang De Basanti

When it comes to rekindling the fire of patriotism, Aamir Khan has played an instrumental role. With movies like Lagaan, Mangal Pandey and Rang De Basanti, he surely ignites patriotism in every Indian’s heart.

With Independence Day around the corner, there are many patriotic songs which come to our mind, but topping the one topping the list is the title track of Rang De Basanti.

Since we at BollywoodLife like to do wacky things, we thought, why not translate this song in English? Read and have fun!


Thodisi Dhuul Meri Dharti Ki Mere Watan Ki

Thodisi Khushbuu Baurai Si Mast Pawan Ki


Little bit of dirt mine earth’s my nation’s

Little bit of fragrance wild gust of wind’s


Thodisi Dhondhane Waali Dhak-Dhak Dhak-Dhak Dhak-Dhak Saansein

Jin Mein Ho Junoon Junoon Woh Boonde Laal Lahuu Ki


Little bit of  hazy dhak dhak dhak breath

Which has madness that red drops of blood


Yeh Sab Tuu Mila Mila Le Phir Rang Tuu Khila Khila Le

Aur Mohe Tuu Rang De Basanti Yaara


This all you together together get colour you bloom bloom

Friend you colour me in this colour of spring, my friend


Sapnen Rang De, Apne Rang De

Khushiyaan Rang De, Gam Bhi Rang De


Dreams colour it, own colour it

Happiness colour it, sadness colour it


Naslen Rang De, Faslein Rang De

Rang De Dhadkan, Rang De Sargam


Akin colour it, fields colour it

Colour the heartbeat, colour the music


Aur Mohe Tuu Rang De Basanti Yaara

Mohe Tuu Rang De Basanti


Friend you colour me in the colour of spring, my friend,

Friend you colour me in the colour of spring.