Why does Amitabh Bachchan think he is a terrible actor?

The legendary superstar discovers a decade-old mistake in his performance which he just can’t seem to let go of

Whenever we see Amitabh Bachchan on screen, we can hardly say he goofs up with his acting. Even in movies that have flopped terribly, the veteran actor has maintained a standard and quality of acting. However, looks like Big B doesn’t think so.

Only recently, in his blog, Senior Bachchan revealed that he still cringes when he comes across his performance in the film, Black. He wrote about the scene where he thinks he faltered, “…here is what the fault was. When I inform all at the table that Rani had dictated a letter to me to be read at the table, especially for her sister, whom it was believed she was jealous of, I took out the letter to read, and then my hand went straight to my upper pocket of the jacket to pull out the glasses to read… Mistake. I needed to feel around in my other pockets to ascertain where my glasses were, instead of my hand directly going to the pocket. For someone who is soon getting into the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, where patients forget where and what they do, it was incorrect of me to go straight to my pocket.”

Now we really didn’t know Big B was such a stickler for perfection! Black was a splendid movie, and we hardly even noticed this little slip up. And we know you too would agree that it definitely wasn’t a cringe-worthy mistake.

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