Why does Diana Penty want Rs 2 crore?!

Made famous by being cast in the Saif Ali Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer Cocktail, Diana Penty cashes in on her newfound fame

Diana Penty did make audiences take notice with her superb performance as the demure Indian lass when she debuted in the hit movie Cocktail. Her acting skills were appreciated by all and sundry and she came out a clear winner, despite sharing screen space with the leggy Deepika Padukone – which is no mean feat!

And although a successful debut does entitle one to raise one’s self worth, Diana has taken it to a whole new level! It was recently reported that Ms Penty, who has been a successful model prior to acting in films, was approached by a hair care brand to endorse their products. The actor stalled them for a while before announcing her fee – a shocking Rs 2 crore! The brand people, of course, scrammed soon as they heard the figure, and are reportedly looking for another pretty face with a lower price tag.

Diana meanwhile faces shining prospects, with reports of her doing Kunal Kohli’s next with Ayushman Khurana and a film down South as well flooding the wires. Well, let’s see if the sassy girl quotes another shocker of a figure, or if she is partial towards movies instead. We guess things will be cool, and would prefer to believe that her current impertinence is just a case of Miss Penty getting bored outta her pants….err…pennies!